Iowa Adventures

This weekend Neal and I ventured out to Iowa to visit his parents, to attend Fry Fest, to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes in their opening game, and to relax!


Bright and early Friday morning Neal and I drove to Iowa City for Fry Fest.

Neal Rozendaal

My rock star of a husband, who has written three books on the Hawkeyes so far, was there to sell, autograph, and talk about his books.  I am so proud of all that Neal has accomplished and loved watching him share his passion with others this weekend.


For lunch on Friday I snuck away from Fry Fest for lunch at Vesta.  It was so nice sitting out on the patio, enjoying a beer, reading blogs on my iPad, and eating this fanatstic lunch.  I had the salmon sandwich with greek pasta salad on the side.


After Fry Fest I met up with Emily from Fit and Free Emily and Brooke from Brooke Not On A Diet.

Iowa Bloggers

It was so wonderful meeting up with these ladies and to see Emily’s gorgeous home and garden.  It was such an amazing place!


After spending time at Emily’s house we headed into Iowa City and visited Soap Opera where we each made our own perfume.  After spending time downtown, we headed over to Blackstone for dinner.


Blackstone IA

I was well beyond hungry by the time we got to Blackstone, so I got a little of this and a lot of that.  I started out with a cup of the tortilla soup, which was divine!

Blackstone IA

For dinner I ordered a black bean burger and asked for a side salad instead of fries, but look at this side salad… it was massive!!

Blackstone IA

The black bean burger was equally massive, but it was delicious.  I ended up eating all of the salad and then ate half of the burger.


Sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat everything you ordered.

Friday was a packed day, but I had an absolutely wonderful time!  It was a much needed day.


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    Ashley, I love readings these posts about your adventures! I’ve been silently following your blog for a while now and thought I would speak up to say that you inspire me! :-). I’m going through a process similar to yours right now…upping my calorie intake to fuel my body rather than endlessly cutting calories and staying away from fear foods (I have MANY). It’s so encouraging to read your story.

    I was curious…how did you end up calculating or estimating your daily caloric intake? Do you consult a dietician?

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