As I’ve shared, I’ve been pretty stressed and overwhelmed lately, so the downtime we had in Iowa this past weekend was great. Although the first few days were busy, things started to settle down once the weekend hit.

Saturday afternoon Neal and I headed back to Iowa City for the Hawkeye’s opening game against Northern Illinois.

Iowa Football

We got some amazing tickets on game day, just 10 rows behind the Iowa bench!  I was a little apprehensive about getting our tickets that day but it worked out perfectly.  (Neal- you were right).

Although Iowa lost to Northern Illinois (womp womp), Neal and I had an amazing time and it made me really miss playing football!

Iowa Football

After two days in Iowa City, I was really looking forward to spending my next two days in Grinnell.  I went to bed fairly early Saturday night and then woke up early Sunday for a run around the town.

Grinnell IA

The streets were quiet and although I didn’t run far, it was nice being able to decompress and get a run in.  Last week my left knee started giving me some trouble so I’m bring careful with it.  Hopefully the rest from this past week will help it moving forward and I can get some good runs in this week.


After my run I got cleaned up, went out for brunch, and then went shopping with Neal’s mom.  I found some really cute tops and a pair of boots for the fall.


Sunday afternoon I enjoyed a good cat nap, a little blogging, and then went out to dinner with Neal and his parents.  We had a great time and closed out our evening with a trip to the Dari Barn.

A trip to Iowa is never complete without a trip to Dari Barn for ice cream and Smokey Row for coffee!  Thankfully I was able to do both this trip!

Grinnell, IA Dari Barn

On Monday I kicked off Labor Day with a 3 mile walk around the town of Grinnell.  Neal on the other hand killed his run, knocking out 8 miles!! He’s going to rock his half marathon in November!


Once home I got cleaned up and then enjoyed an everything bagel topped with cream cheese, a cup of coffee, and my left over Spark from my walk.


After packing up, we hit the road and headed to Smokey Row before going to the airport.

Smokey Row

Our flight home was incredibly smooth and we were back home before we knew it.  Once home in DC I made Neal and I some vegetable fajitas, using up some bell peppers and hot peppers from our CSA.

Vegetables Fajitas

We had a really great time in Iowa this past weekend but it’s also really great to be home.  Traveling always reminds me how much I like my routine and the foods we eat here in DC.  When I travel I feel like I never drink enough water and eat far too many carbs.

This week looks to be just about as crazy as last week, but I hope to manage it a little better than I did last week.  I need to focus on the basics until things settle down: getting good sleep, eating well balanced meals, not eating out of emotions, and getting great workouts in.

What was the highlight of your Labor Day weekend?


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    What a fun weekend in Iowa! It is nice to get back there every once in a while to enjoy peace and quiet :) I feel like the weekend just flew by for us! Lots of friends, beach time and a Cubs game yesterday afternoon on a gorgeous day in Chicago.

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