Tony Horton Is The Man!

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a Tweet Up with some local Washington, DC health and fitness bloggers. The guest of honor… this guy! Tony Horton!

Tony is seriously one of the funniest men you will ever meet!  His attitude towards life and his passion for helping others just oozes out of him!  He love what he does and he makes you want to feel the same way!

Tony Horton National Press Club

Tony’s road to P90X, the workout program he is known for, is an amazing one.  A leap of faith took him to California to become an actor, but it was no easy road once there.  Tony worked hard, taking up a variety of jobs just to be able to eat.  He was even a Chippendale dancer believe it or not!  Tony took advantage of the opportunities that were presented to him and over time began training rock stars and celebrities in LA! He even trained Usher (whom I LOVE).

Tony’s story really resonated with me because it is so important to take leaps of faith and to take risks.  I mean, how many times have you closed a door out of fear without trying to see if you’re able to walk through it?

Tony Horton National Press Club

Tony spoke a lot about his diet, eating steel cut oats, fresh berries, and veggie packed omelets for breakfast, and how important it is to have both a healthy diet AND exercise routine.  To him, they really are 50/50!  As Tony said, “you’re as good as your last meal” and I couldn’t agree more.

Tony Horton National Press Club

After the Tweet Up we headed downstairs for a P90(3… it’s coming!) workout!

Tony Horton National Press Club

Tony was so animated and thrilled to show us parts of his new workout program and let me tell y’all… it’s no joke!

Tony Horton National Press Club

Thankfully I had Jennie beside me, an amazing blog reader (turned friend) who won the NPC Beat The Deadline giveaway last week. Let me tell y’all, she rocked the workout last night!!


Afterward the workout, Jennie and I headed over to Roti Mediterranean Grill for dinner.  Roti is a lot like Chipotle in that you can create a sandwich, bowl, or salad combining a variety of sauces, sides, and toppings.


I ordered the salad with chicken, which was OUTSTANDING!! Loved this place!

Roti Salad

Tomorrow morning, Jennie, Neal, and I will be at the National Press Club Beat the Deadline 5K bright and early to help raise money for the National Press Club Journalism Institute.  Tony Horton, who makes the trip to DC every year for this cause, will actually be one of the race marshals so we’ll get to see him again!

It’s a fantastic cause and I can’t wait to bust out a 5K with Jennie in the morning.  Wanna join?  There’s still time!


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