Fast Pace Weekend

When I went to bed Friday night at 12:30 AM after our end of year DC Divas banquet I was REALLY dreading my 4:45 AM wake up call for the Beat the Deadline 5K!


Neal and I arrived at the National Press Club around 6:15AM and met up with Jennie before running the race at 7:30AM.


Before the race, Tony Horton took the participates through a warm up which was a lot of fun.  It was really similar to the warmup from Thursday but it helped to get my body in gear before the race.


The race took us down 13th to Pennsylvania Ave…


and then down Pennsylvania to the US Capitol Building.


Jennie and I ran together, which was a lot of fun!  I’ve missed running alongside a friend and having someone to talk to.  Neal runs a lot faster than me so we almost always run separately now.  The girl talk Saturday was awesome!


The race ended up being longer than a 5K, 3.25 miles according to my Polar watch, but a really easy run.



After the race we headed up to the National Press Club for breakfast!  They had Jamba Juice when you walked in and then a full breakfast bar set up.


The pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grapes were awesome post race!


The Beat The Deadline 5K was a lot of fun! It was so fun running downtown and raising money for the Journalism Institute.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning, napping, and working.  A much needed weekend!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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    All of your running and fun races are giving me the itch to run something fun – and by fun I don’t mean the marathon I’m registered for next month! Haha… The weekend was great! It was definitely a good mix of relaxation and time with friends and family :)

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    I’m thinking I’d like to run a 5K (I did one once and really enjoyed it and planned on another, that was several years ago). I don’t worry about the race itself, I don’t know if I could actually “run” the whole thing or if I’d need to stop and walk for a bit — but the crowds and the waiting, those are some of my anxiety triggers. I guess I need to look for a small, local one :)

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