At Least Stop Gaining Weight

During Sunday’s 8 mile run I listened to a few of Jillian Michaels’ Podcasts to help pass the time. Like always, Jillian said something that really resonated with me.  As Jillian was talking to a caller who was struggling with her weight loss, Jillian went on to say, “Well, at least stop gaining weight”!

Stop Gaining Weight

After blogging for a few years, interacting with readers, and dealing with my own weight loss struggles, I think there’s a lot of power in her statement.  We may not have figured it all out yet and we may not have reached our goal weights just yet, but we all need to at least stop gaining weight.

I personally think that when we deal with the issues that are causing weight gain; emotional eating, binge eating, mindless eating, overeating, not exercising, not eating enough for our body, and being lazy, we will not only stop gaining weight but we will also start losing weight!

Last December I made a list of the things that were keeping me from losing weight, but what I didn’t realize was that they were the same things that were causing me to gain weight.  There’s a reason why I don’t weigh 207 anymore… and a lot of those reasons are staring me right in the face…

List of what keeps you at your current weight

I think a lot of us lie to ourselves.  We know why we’re gaining weight… we just don’t want to face reality and change!

So the question is, are your ready to stop gaining weight?  Are you ready to deal with the things that are keeping you from losing weight?  Are you ready to lose weight and get healthy again?

We’re getting close to the holiday season but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel until New Years Eve.  Today is September 25!  You have 36 days until Halloween, 64 days until Thanksgiving, 91 days until Christmas, and 96 days until New Years.  Are you really going to throw your hands up in the air and wait 96 days to change?

Change now.  Be honest with yourself.  Take it one step at a time.  

Here are a few things that can get you back on track…

1.  Make a list of things that keep you from losing weight (cause weight gain).

2.  Recommit to working out.  You know you can at least do 20 minutes of activity (walking, running, spinning, etc.) every day… just move!

3.  Figure out how much you should be eating.  One of my favorite calorie calculators is the Harris-Benedict Equation if you aren’t able to get your metabolism tested.

4.  Take on AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge!  This challenge helped me get out of rut and has given me my energy back!  If you start the challenge by October 7, you’ll be done before Halloween!  It’s never too late to start.

5.  Find a buddy!  Do you have a girlfriend, family member, or loved one who wants to gain control of their health again?  Partner up!!

6.  Make goals.  What goals do have for Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years?  Just think, if you lose 2 pounds a week you will have lost 28 pounds by New Years!!

No matter what though, at least stop gaining weight.  Take back your life.  You can do this (and you don’t have to wait until New Years).


  1. says

    This post is so perfectly timed. I have been struggling with gaining weight for several years and in the past year have been bothered by it most significantly. After having a gamut of tests, it’s evident that the metaphorical ball is now in my court to make changes and stick with them. It’s so true that now is not the time to use the holiday season as an excuse to throw in the towel. I will definitely be holding myself more accountable and setting SMART goals that I can achieve.

  2. says

    Funny that you mention Jillian michaels as I’m listening her a podcast of hers while on my commute! I totally love the idea of making a list and am going to do this during my lunch hour. I know a big one for me is snacking ALL. DAY. LONG! I also need to remember that any type of workout I can fit in on my busy days is worth it, even if it’s only 15 minutes :)

  3. says

    You always hit the nail right on the head! I love this post, as I always feel like right around this time of the year I always struggle a little with motivation. The weather’s starting to get colder and it’s getting dark earlier, and going to the gym just doesnt seem as “fun”. Just what I needed to hear. Also, LOVE Jillian Podcasts, and you have beautiful handwriting. :D

  4. Tara says

    Great post! My problem with the ‘holiday seasons’ is not the festive foods, its that this time of year it is dark when I wake up, dark when I get home. I love to get up and workout, but when its cold and dark, I hit snooze and roll back to bed.
    I need to not let the dark winter de-motivate me and my workouts!!

  5. LC says

    I also really needed to see/read this post today. I’ve been struggling all year – and if I can recommit now, I could be down a large chunck of weight by year end! Now to just do it :)

  6. says

    Love this post! It’s daunting to think that I still need to lose about 60 pounds, and yet sometimes I still eat badly & don’t exercise. I don’t want to have to lose anymore on top of what I already have to lose! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. says

    Thank you so much for this post! It was exactly what I needed to hear today. After I was done reading, I sat down and made my own lists of things keeping me at my weight and goals I would like to achieve (none of which a weight number!). Hope you don’t mind if I share on my blog tomorrow – you really inspired me!

  8. Erin says

    GREAT post! I have never thought of weight loss from that angle. I have had so many ups and downs but nothing has ever stuck. I think doing these little things will help me.


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