Heart Warming Weekend

This weekend Neal and I drove up to Cleveland, Ohio to visit his sister and her beautiful family.  It’s an easy drive up to Cleveland, taking just about 6 hours and a good cup of Dunkin’ Donuts to get there.


Saturday morning we woke up to the most amazing breakfast! Waffles with homemade vanilla cinnamon whipped cream is where it’s at!  Our brother-in-law is the king of breakfasts, and Saturday’s was awesome.


We spent Saturday and most of Sunday relaxing and hanging out with our nieces.  Neal’s sister made us an amazing lunch on Saturday, recreating Eating Well’s Bean and Butternut Squash tacos.  Neal’s sister works really hard to utilize whole foods and I love seeing how she feeds her family.  It’s really inspirational.


It was a short stay in Cleveland, but much needed.  It was great seeing our nieces and being able to spend some time with my sister-in-law.  By 2PM Sunday we were out the door and on our way back to DC.


But not without first stopping in Pittsburgh to see this girl!

Knack for Nutrition

I met Jen not even a year ago and I feel so blessed to call her friend.  We met through our blogs and instantly connected.  We missed having our other partner in crime there, but it was really great to spend the evening with Jen before heading home!

All in all it was an awesome weekend!  Sometimes I feel really burnt out after traveling all weekend, but I really feel refreshed this morning.  The weekend was full of great conversations, lots of love, and delicious food.  It was just what I needed!

This week is a blank canvas really, so I’m looking forward to tackling my workouts, eating healthy foods, and preparing for the holiday season.  I’ve got some exciting things coming up and I want to be prepared for all that this winter will hold.


  1. Jennie G says

    Love the scarf/cowl!!! I am so glad you had a nice trip visiting with Neal’s sister and family. :)Those Tacos sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness those waffles look DELICIOUS! Also, I live in Columbus and had no idea how close D.C. was to Cleveland. It must mean that I’m even closer to D.C. than I though :)

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