How’d I Do Friday

I had a really great week! It started in Cleveland and ended with a viewing of Ghostbusters at AFI in Silver Spring for Halloween! I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend Halloween, so thank you to Sarah for inviting Neal and me!

Ghostbusters AFI Silver

I really had a great week, though my workouts weren’t ideal.  I think I just had a hard time getting back on track after being away last weekend.


  • Breakfast- 2 eggs, english muffin, avocado, and Spark
  • Lunch- Lettuce, chicken breast, and ranch
  • Coffee break- large Dunkin Donuts coffee
  • Dinner- Turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat
  • Snack- Chex mix
  • Workout- Weightlifting



  • Breakfast- 1 waffle, syrup, whipped cream, and Spark
  • Lunch- 2 butternut squash and bean tacos (corn tortillas, feta, salsa), refried beans, guacamole, chips
  • Dinner (party)- gumbo, 2 corn muffins, saltine crackers with dip, brownie, piece of pie
  • Workout- Baby holding?



  • Coffee break- coffee
  • Lunch- 2 beef tacos (corn tortillas, tomatoes, salsa) and Spark
  • Dinner- black bean burger topped with gouda, mushrooms, onion, and sweet potato fries
  • Coffee break- Venti skin salted caramel latte (half pumps)
  • Workout- None



  • Breakfast- 2 eggs, 1 egg white, bell peppers, English muffin, and Spark
  • Lunch- Romaine, chicken breast, raspberry walnut dressing
  • Snacks- Almonds
  • Dinner- ground bison, bell pepper, cheddar cheese, and a tortilla
  • Dessert- piece of salted caramel pie
  • Workout- Weightlifting



  • Breakfast- Ground bison, bell peppers, 2 eggs, cottage cheese, and Spark
  • Coffee break- Large coffee with half and half
  • Lunch- Romaine, chicken breast, raspberry walnut dressing
  • Snack- Almonds
  • Dinner- Homemade Shepherd’s pie
  • Workout- 4 mile run



  • Breakfast- Acorn squash and cottage cheese
  • Lunch- Leftover Shepherd’s pie
  • Snack- Almonds and Spark
  • Dinner- Roasted sweet potatoes, 1/2 avocado, and chicken breast
  • Workout- None



  • Breakfast- 2 chicken sausage links, 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado
  • Lunch- Broccoli, 2 No Bull Burger patties, and Spark
  • Snack- Almonds and coffee
  • Dinner- Tortilla, ground beef, bell peppers, and cheddar cheese
  • Workout- None


**Today (November 1, 2013) is also the last day to get a free box of Spark when you order the 24 Day Challenge from my AdvoCare site!  Please e-mail me if you have any questions about AdvoCare or the Challenge (!

How was your week?


  1. Tara says

    I havent tried those almonds yet, but DO NOT try the Toasted Coconut Blue Diamond ones, they are like CRACK!

    Have a great weekend!

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