Just Dance 2014

I love working out, but what I love more are workouts that don’t feel like a workout!  Dancing has always been my favorite deceptive workout.  I move by body, shake my booty, and burn hundreds of calories with realizing it.  Whether it’s ballet, Zumba, or hip hop, dancing is such a great way to burn calories while having fun!


Last month I was given the new Just Dance 2014 video game for Wii and can not begin to tell y’all how much fun I’ve had playing it!

Just Dance 2014

I wasn’t expecting there to be so many great songs to dance to on Just Dance 2014!  I figured there’d be some top hits, but there are songs on this game that seemed to just hit the radio waves! Blurred Lines, Get Lucky, and Pound the Alarm have been my absolute favorites to dance too.

Just Dance 2014

After breaking in the game, I challenged Neal to a dance off, which was a blast!  I had so much fun dancing with him!  Nothing better than seeing that Iowa boy dance to Blurred Lines! Just Dance 2014

My other favorite feature of Just Dance 2014 is the “Just Sweat” mode.  Here you can play a variety of songs in a row and just dance your heart out!  I burned 256 calories in 30 minutes in this mode, which was a good calorie burn for me.

I’ve really loved playing this game with Neal and getting an unexpected workout in while playing it!  You can learn more about Just Dance 2014 on the Ubisoft Blog or even better, you can buy it here and start dancing!

Have you ever played Just Dance?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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    Love the Just Dance series. Once, it was right at the end of my Weight Watchers calendar week, and I had 97 activity points so far. I wasn’t going to go for another run, I wasn’t going to do another cardio DVD workout. So I threw my daughter’s Just Dance game into the Wii and danced long enough to get the 3 points for a nice round 100.

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    We hosted New Years a couple years ago and Just Dance was a big hit at the party. We haven’t used it too much otherwise, but my mom asked for it for Christmas as a “workout”. I need to try it again … as long as no one is watching!

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    We LOVE just dance at our house! All ages play it from my 2 year old nephew to my mother who is almost 70. It’s a great workout and usually some comedic relief. :) Fun blog! I look forward to following you.

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