4 Days of Unplanned Eats

Last Thursday I headed to Providence, RI for a 4 day conference.  I knew I’d have little control over my eats for the long weekend, which was both exciting and scary all at the same time.

Thursday morning I made myself a hearty breakfast at home consisting of an English muffin, 2 eggs, and 1/2 an avocado before heading to the airport.  Once I arrived in Providence, I headed over to the hotel gym and busted out 35 minutes on the spin bike.  It was good to get a workout in after my flight, especially because I didn’t know if I’d have time to workout the rest of the weekend.


After my workout I headed over to Panera Bread where I ordered 1/2 of the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich without bacon and the wheatberry salad.


For dinner Thursday night, I enjoyed my first conference meal.  I served myself 1/2 a plate of salad with ranch dressing and a vegetable (no cheese) calzone.


I started my Friday off with a 20 minute workout and a bottle of Grape Spark.

AdvoCare Spark

For breakfast I had a honey Chobani, eggs, potatoes, watermelon, bacon, and coffee.


For lunch Friday, I had half a plate of salad, mashed potatoes, a chicken drumbstick, and a piece of BBQ salmon.


For dinner Friday night I had a little bit of everything.  Potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella, a piece of steak, and salmon.


Saturday’s breakfast was almost identical to Friday’s, but I threw in a venti Starbucks coffee.


Saturday for lunch I made a large salad topped with taco meat (not pictured) and then later enjoyed a KIND Bar as a snack (brought from home).

Kind Bar

For dinner we had chicken Parmesan (which was awesome) and a salad topped with tomatoes and mozzarella.


Sunday, my final day at the conference, I enjoyed another glorious plate of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and strawberries for breakfast.


As we left the conference, I grabbed a roasted vegetable wrap to go.  It was a little on the oily side, but a good grab and go lunch.


I had an absolutely amazing time at my work conference and obviously enjoyed the food.  I tried to first fill half of my plate with veggies and then stayed away from bread and desserts.  As much as I may have wanted a bagel with breakfast or a piece of chocolate cake, I knew I didn’t need to add any additional calories to my plate.

In the end though, I was excited to return to DC, to get back to my meal plan, and to start my AdvoCare Cleanse!

What’s one tip you have for staying healthy while traveling?


  1. says

    When I travel, I try to find the fruit and vegetables first but we all know with conferences they’re hard to find!! I think you did really well considering you didn’t control the food. I sometimes carry oatmeal with me as a go to…just in case! :)

  2. says

    I’m awful at staying healthy while traveling. Some of the things I *try* to do are to load up on fruits and healthy protein in the morning and make sure I never get too hungry or I gorge myself at the buffets. Looks like you did really well the past few days!

  3. says

    All that food is making me hungry! I usually pack things like beef jerky, nuts, oatmeal, fruits and veggies and bring a cooler. I’ve even brought my vitamix along with smoothie ingredients prepackaged in baggies.

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