Facing My Reality: Part 1

I’ve always had a difficult time facing my numbers.  Whether it’s my body weight or my body fat percentage, I’ve always felt healthier than my numbers.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my fears lately and how denying my numbers might be hindering my future.

I decided that enough was enough and it was time for me to face my reality.  It was time to get an accurate picture of myself and to create goals off of those numbers and results.

On Monday morning, I headed over to the George Washington University Exercise Science Laboratory in Ashburn, VA.  The lab has a number of testing services including machines to test V02 Max, Power Output, Metabolism, and Body Composition.

DC Body Fat Testing

The first test I took was on the InBody 720.  The InBody 720 measures weight, lean body mass, body fat mass, water weight, and recommended weight.

The test took about 2 minutes and was completely painless.  I literally stood on the sensors, which send currents through your body, and waited for the results to appear.

DC Body Fat Testing

The next test I did was the ReeVue Metabolic Rate test.  I did the same test last February, but I was excited to see how my results would differ this time around.

Last time I took the test I didn’t limit my caffeine before hand, which is known to skew the results, and I was also in the middle of football season.

The test took about 10 minutes, but I was really pleased with the results as they seemed to be a lot more realistic this time around.

DC Metabolic Testing

In addition to the tests I took, the GWU Exercise Science Lab also has the much sought after Dexa Scan, which tests bone density, body fat, lean mass, and visceral fat.  The scan, which must be conducted by an ultrasound technician is offered through the lab. The next time I visit the lab, I plan to have this test done in order to see how my lean muscle mass and body fat are distributed.

To set up an appointment at the GWU Exercise Science Lab e-mail Dr. Miller at exercise@gwu.edu

DC Dexa Scan

After taking the two tests, I sat down with Dr. Miller to review my results.  I was quite pleased with my metabolism results but was embarrassed by my InBody Results.  The reality is though, they are as accurate as accurate can be and I’ve got to stop running from the truth!  It’s time to face my numbers and to lose body fat!

To be continued tomorrow…

(Yes – I will share the results tomorrow)


  1. says

    Wow! That is a super cool lab! You have motivated me to try to find one like it in Miami. All the test that you took seem like great ways to see past the scale, something that I really need to do!

    : )

  2. says

    It takes a great deal of courage to jump into a lab like that. You should be sooo proud of yourself. I totally want to do the same, it’s so interesting! Looking forward to part 2!

  3. says

    How much did this cost ? (is that a number you are going to share?) *Ü* I know my hubby went and did some testing, both for health and because of some heart palpitations (stress test). He did the water body composition test. I’ve only had the most basic, dr. office stuff …

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