Facing My Reality: Part 2

For years and years I’ve denied the reality of my body composition.  I’ve used my achievements, like competing in powerlifting, throwing the discus and hammer, and running a half marathon, to justify my body weight and composition.  I was big boned, muscular, and in denial of the excess weight on my large frame.

Being able to have my body composition and metabolism tested at the George Washington University Exercise Science Lab was the first step in me connecting with my reality.

DC Metabolic Testing

Dr. Miller and I first went over my InBody 720 results, which I was the most nervous about.  The InBody 720 tested my weight, lean mass, body fat, BMI, and Basal Metabolic Rate… all things I avoid and deny regularly.


November 11, 2013

Body Weight

234.1 lbs

Lean Body Mass

147.3 lbs

Body Fat Mass

86.8 lbs



Percentage of Body Fat


Basal Metabolic Rate

1812 kcal

InBody 720

The test revealed that my lean body mass is in a healthy spot but that I should lose 43 lbs of body fat in order to reach a healthy body composition.  As scary as it was to see these numbers, I was relieved to see that it’s recommendations were right in line with my goals… weighing somewhere between 180 and 190.

DC Metabolic Testing

Dr. Miller and I also took some time Monday to review my ReeVue Metabolic Rate Results.  As I took the same test last February, I was eager to see how the numbers would differ.  You see, last February I really struggled with the recommendations given to me based on the test.  Dr. Miller, who did not administer the February test, said that the results were probably higher due to the caffeine in my system at the time.


February 22, 2013

November 11, 2013

Resting Energy Expenditure

2462 calories

2016 calories

Estimated Exercise Burn

256 calories

210 calories

Estimated Lifestyle & Activity Burn

738 calories

603 calories

Total Energy Output

3456 calories

2829 calories

Recommended Daily Calories Intake

2100 calories

1800 calories

Based on my results from the two tests, Dr. Miller recommended that I consume 1800 calories a day and to eat close to 140 grams of protein a day (this comes from lean body mass 147.3 lbs).  Dr. Miller also recommended that I use the FatSecret App to track my calories as it gives a clean picture of my protein and calorie intake with each meal and for the day.

Fat Secret App

I have been eating 1800 calories a day since Monday and am working to eat as clean of foods throughout the day as possible.  I am also working to increase my vegetable intake, as recommended by the Get Well Challenge nutritionist, Jenna Umbriac.  It’s easy for me to fill my plate with lots of healthy high calorie foods (avocado, cheese, and nut butters), which aren’t bad, but I am working to control my portions and to increase my veggie intake.

As hard as it has been to face all of these numbers, and to share them with the world, knowing my body composition will help me to reach my goals.  I feel extremely secure in my goals now and the aspects of my body that I want to change.

For more information about the GWU Exercise Science Lab, please do not hesitate to e-mail Dr. Miller at Exercise@gwu.edu.  Dr.Miller will be able to answer any questions about the cost of the tests as there are various packages you can purchase for different rates.


  1. says

    WOW. Amazing insights. Thanks for sharing this + I know you will reach your goals w/ these tools. You rock woman! I look forward to watching your continued successes.

  2. Shelley says

    Thanks for sharing. I understand how hard that must have been, but it’s the before in your soon to be after. I know 1800 calories is less than you’ve been eating – but that’s a ton of veggies. Fill up on the good stuff and you’ll feel great.

  3. says

    This is amazing analysis. I know it must be difficult to “face your reality” as you call it but what an amazing experience and opportunity! So many of us wish we could do the same thing :) With your health/nutrition coach and the support of your family and friends you can do anything! <3

  4. says

    How interesting! I would love to have this done. I think that it would be so helpful to have realistic goals given to you by an actual medical professional. 43 pounds is totally doable!

  5. says

    You are brave to share all the numbers but I know it is helpful to see them. It sounds like you have a good plan to get in even more awesome shape.

  6. Nicole Schoeb says

    You go girl!!!! you have so much support and you inspire me to keep up with my own fitness goals!!! love your blog :)

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