This month I’ve been working on my goal of practicing yoga at least one a week. I’ve taken yoga classes here and there over the years, but have never been consistent and thus have never seen the long term benefits of yoga.

After work yesterday I headed home and had a snack before getting ready for yoga.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it until 9PM, so I had 2 glasses of water and a Gingerbread AdvoBar.

AdvoCare Gingerbread Bars

I headed over the Thrive Yoga, a beautiful studio in Rockville, MD, around 7PM for the 7:30PM class. Thrive offers a number of different classes, with a number being offered each evening.  It was actually quite adorable seeing all of the women coming into the studio for the Prenatal Yoga!

Thrive Yoga Rockville

For last night’s Vinyasa Flow class, I wore my new Athleta Queens Luscious 2 Tights that I got while I was in Providence last weekend.  They are so comfortable and were perfect for Vinyasa.

Athleta Tights

The 90 minute class was wonderful!  Dave met us where we were at and encouraged us to use blocks, straps, and blankets to make us more comfortable in the positions.  Though I don’t really know the differences in yoga styles, I really enjoyed how relaxing Vinyasa was.  I do think I like hot yoga more, but this was a great class after a long day.

Thrive Yoga Rockville

After yoga, I made myself a simple salad.  Romaine as the base and then topped with avocado, cheddar cheese, salsa, and grilled flank steak.


I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better hump day!  I ended it feeling revived, refreshed, and energized.

If you practice yoga, what is your favorite style?


  1. says

    I always find yoga to be the best de-stresser after along day in the office! Vinyasa is wonderful and still provides some strengthening and building on yoga skills that I love. I am glad you had a wonderful Wednesday and keep up the amazing progress- we love following your journey!

  2. Tara says

    I NEED yoga in my life! My gym offers classes, but not at times I can make it often. I would love to find a reasonable place to take a few yoga classes by me (without having to stay in the city, really prefer closer to home)

    Glad to hear you are keeping up with the yoga

  3. says

    I need more yoga in my life. I hardly EVER do it, and when I do I think to myself “why don’t I do this more often?!” Such a vicious cycle ;)

  4. says

    haha. my Vinyasa flow class instructor is named Dave too. And he is great with instruction! I love the night time class, it is so relaxing. Great goal. And I love the tights.

  5. says

    I struggle with yoga. I know I need it and there is a benefit but it is SO SLOW. I always feel better once I go but it’s a struggle to get my butt to class.

    This last year that I’ve been dealing with my injury, I’ve made myself go to yoga once a week. I have been pretty consistent with it and I’ve finally noticed a change. A little more flexible, a little more balanced on my wobbly sides, and the moves that challenged me are easier to do!

  6. says

    I’ve been going to an Ashtanga class once a week for a couple months now. I’m really enjoying it. A close second would be restorative. Every once in awhile it feels so good to take an hour and just consciously relax.

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