Get Well Challenge Week 1

Tuesday, November 12 marked the start of my personal Get Well Challenge through Dawson’s Market.  After a business trip to Rhode Island during the kickoff week, I was thrilled to get back into my groove and drive right into the challenge.


In the past week I’ve…

1.  Had my body composition tested at the George Washington University Exercise Science Lab

DC Metabolic Testing

2.  Visited Thrive Yoga for Vinyasa Flow

Thrive Yoga Rockville

3.  Danced away 500 calories during Zumba Toning at Pro Fit Gaithersburg


4.  Toned my way through Barre at Go Figure Potomac

Go Figure Potomac

5.  Realized how intermediate Hot Vinyasa-Intermediate really is…

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

6.  Lost 0.8 pounds


I really, really enjoyed my first week on the Get Well Challenge.  I challenged myself by taking new to me classes and not limiting what I thought my body could do.  I also learned that my weight on the scale doesn’t mean as much as a change in my body fat percentage.  I was happy to have lost 0.8 pounds, but thrilled to see my body fat go down 3%!

On to week 2 I go…


  1. Tara says

    Great job! I am sure trying all the new classes just makes it easy to get the workouts in.
    How did you like Barre? I really want to try a class/few this winter!

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