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There is so much we can learn from one another!  Most of us read health and fitness blogs because we have a common goal, to reach a place where we’re happy and healthy.

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At the November Get Well Challenge check in, each of us had a chance to share what we’ve learned these past few weeks.  The things people shared were so impactful that I just had to pass along these tidbits of wisdom.

-Meet yourself where you are now.

-Exercise helps but our diet is key.

-It’s just another meal.

-Very few people just have a fast metabolism.

-Stop making excuses for your time.

-Stop focusing on the end goal.  Instead, focus on one thing.

-Drink water instead of anything else.

-Preparing is the biggest thing.

-Eating less is not the answer for most people.  It’s what you eat.

-Drink more water.

-Dynamic stretching before you workout and static stretching after you workout.

-Shut off your electronics from time to time.

-The number on the scale is not a true reflection of what’s going on on the inside.

-Don’t deprive yourself.

-Eat half a plate of vegetables at every meal.

-Don’t fret!  The stress is so much worse than missing the workout.

-Listen to your body.  Sometimes you need sleep.

-Set a goal for how many workouts you want to do a week.

-Just do it.  Schedule it out like a doctors appointment.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself, your health, and/or your fitness this year?


  1. Summer says

    It took me awhile to really understand that what you eat and how much is what makes a difference in weight loss, not exercise. Of course exercise helps firm up everything, is great for stress and is a natural appetite suppressant. For me 90% diet and 10% exercise works.

  2. Tara says

    I have learned how much I can push myself, and by doing so, I will continue to get stronger!
    I really didnt know I could ever run a half marathon!
    Then I did it, and wanted to do better. So I trained, and did another, shaving alot of time off my first. I am amazed at how I was able to push myself and how strong I got from it.

    And I have applied this to other aspects of my life.

  3. Kelly says

    I have learned to question health and food bloggers. A bunch of bloggers I have been reading over the last few years are “selling out” and pushing health and fitness products. Have you read the ingredient list for the stuff in Advocare? I’m sure you have and I would love an explanation from someone who promotes a healthy clean eating active lifestyle, how Advocare could possibly be good for you. I can’t pronounce a few things on their ingredient list and not to mention the countless times soy products/derivatives are listed (which you should avoid under certain health conditions). I know you have success with this product but honestly I am a skeptic. You are eating cleaner, eating smaller portions, and remaining active so I question as to whether your successes are Advocare or you working harder on your lifestyle changes?

    • says

      I know how you feel as I use to feel that way too. I think it’s good to question health and food bloggers. Few of us are experts and are just sharing our experiences and our lives. I personally only blog about things I’m passionate about, use myself, or believe in. AdvoCare is one of those things. Everyone is going to have a different opinion about everything, including supplements. I have learned over the years that we can’t get everything we need from our diets. Supplements provide vitamins and fuel that my diet doesn’t. Even with a clean diet, I feel best when I eat clean, exercise, and take supplements. The reality is, the real health risk is being overweight. From what I’ve read and researched, the health problems associated with being overweight far outweigh the issue with not eating 100% clean. A lot of things on the internet are just opinions, much like mine, so I think each person has to make their own decisions! My decision is to strive to eat clean foods, to exercise, and to take supplements for additional nutrients. AdvoCare has been great for my life and I’ve seen it help so many other people.

  4. says

    These are all fantastic!! Some I had never even heard before. I’m going to save this and make some reminder signs for myself in my office. Thanks!

  5. says

    I love these tidbits, so many hit home for me.

    One thing I learned this year is that the healthy BMI ranges are not just a cruel unattainable joke only applicable to people with hollow bones.

  6. says

    I have learned to slow down and hear my intuition. I believe stress is my number one weight trigger. Manage the stress, and everything else falls into place for me.

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