Staying Healthy While On A Cruise

Staying healthy while on a cruise was really important to me!  I knew it was going to be a challenge with all of the food and alcohol available on the ship, but I made it my priority.  Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas has both a spa and a fitness center on board, which really helped me to focus on fitness.

Jewel of the Seas Gym

The gym itself was quite large.  Located on the 12th floor at the front of the ship, the gym had a 300 degree view of the sea.

Jewel of the Seas

The front of the gym was lined with treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and rowing machines.

Jewel of the Seas Gym

The far wall was lined with elliptical machines and weight machines.

Jewel of the Seas Gym

The fitness center offered a variety of fitness and wellness classes each day, which were posted both in the gym and in our Cruise Compass daily planner.

Jewel of the Seas Gym

Because of our early morning excursions, I was only able to take one of the fitness classes while on board.  The spin class was fantastic and just what I needed on our last day.  All other days were spent on the elliptical, running on the outdoor track, and using the stationary bike.

Exercising While on a Cruise

The Jewel of the Seas also had a large spa located on deck 11.

Jewel of the Seas Spa

We did not book a treatment ahead of time, which was great because the spa offers daily specials which are much cheaper than the listed rates.  Neal and I both got a massage and a facial on day 4, both of which were really refreshing.

Jewel of the Seas Spa

Staying healthy on a cruise is possible!  The key is working out every day and making wise choices when eating on the ship.  I did a great job of working out every day, but eating on the ship was really difficult.  The food was AMAZING and moderation was really difficult when eating at the Windjammer Cafe (buffet).

After spending a week on the Jewel of the Seas, here are my tips for staying healthy while on a cruise…

1.  Drink a lot of water

2.  Always take the stairs

3.  Limit eating at the buffets

4.  When you do eat at the buffets, only get one plate

5.  Try out the fitness classes at the gym

6.  Be active every day

7.  Try to limit alcohol intake

8.  Get good sleep


  1. says

    Those are some great tips! I have only been on one cruise since I started losing weight, but it was 3 months into my journey and by then I had developed just enough self-discipline to ensure that I didn’t undo all of my progress over our four-day journey. When I went on cruises in the past, I always found the extraordinarily long lines at some of the buffets to be a gigantic deterrent to going back up again for more food. During days at sea it seemed that I had to wait like 10 or 15 minutes at various times. Also, it’s a shame that there aren’t better options “healthy” desserts on cruises. Some of the “diet” cakes that they serve are saturated with artificial sweeteners and taste incredibly fake, and the fruit options are oftentimes not too great either.

  2. Tara says

    Great tips! You make Cruising actual look comfortable and doable!

    I am not a big buffet person, I think I have been to 2 in my life (never been on a cruise either).
    I love to start my day with a workout when on vacation-set the healthy tone for the day, get the exercise done so I can lounge in the sun all day.
    My only problem would be snacking. I eat small meals, so tend to eat every few hours (snacks) and would need to be sure I had something with me (fruit, nuts….)

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