Eating Real Food

2013 has been a dieting whirlwind for me, but I’ve learned an awful lot about myself in the process!  I started 2013 weighing 230.6 and have sat around that weight all year (226.8 being my lowest weight and 236 being my highest).


This year I got my metabolism tested, joined a CSA, met with a nutritionist, took on AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge, and started the Get Well Challenge.  On one hand I feel like 2013 has been all over the place, on the flip side, I’m realizing that 2013 has given me a chance to learn more about myself, my habits, and my goals.


This year I’ve seen my body change!  I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve lost inches, and I’ve gotten into even better shape.  The scale may not have moved, but my body has changed!


Neal and I have spent quite a bit of time this month talking about our diets and lifestyle goals.  What I’ve learned this year is that I feel the best when I eat real foods, listen to my hunger cues, don’t track calories, drink a lot of water, and stay away from desserts.


After assessing our goals, Neal and I have decided to focus on eating as much real food as possible moving forward.  As going 100% from the start isn’t realistic for us, we’ve decided to ease into this, as a lot of our diet is made up of processed foods (lunch meat, salad dressings, cereals, various yogurt, candies, etc.).

We’ve decided that moving forward we are going to buy as little processed foods as possible.  This will give us time to finish eating the foods we already have in our house and to find alternatives to some of our processed staples.


Eating zero processed foods isn’t realistic for us, so our goal is to eat as much real food as possible each day.  We will both still use AdvoCare products, as we both believe in how the vitamins and supplements have changed our health and energy.  We also plan to enjoy the simple moments.  Our goal is to eat as much real food as possible, but we also know that in this day in age there will be times when we do eat processed foods.


Ultimately our goal is to be healthier.  To eat real foods, to get creative, and to enjoy cooking!


  1. Janine says

    Out of curiosity, will you continue to drink Spark, etc? Just wondering what your thoughts on that is in relation to your 2014 goals.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year and I look forward to reading how your journey continues!

  2. says

    Great job! :) I really want to do the Advocare challenge since the holidays are coming to an end.
    What is the recipe of that last item on this post?? Looks yummy!

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