365 Day Fit Challenge: Week 5

This past week went incredibly well!  After returning from our cruise on Saturday I jumped right back into my workouts.  This week I had a great mix of at home workouts, gym workouts, and fitness classes.

I invite you guys to join me on the 365 Days of Fit journey and to workout every day for a year! Start whenever you’d like and just make it your goal to do some form of physical activity every day for the next 365 days! If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, use the #365DayFitChallenge hashtag to document your workouts and to get encouragement from the virtual world around you!

365 Days of Fit – Week 5

Sunday (Day 29) – 30 minute Turbo Fire workout


Monday (Day 30) – 30 minutes on spin bike, 10 minutes on treadmill, and 30 minute walk with Theodore


Tuesday (Day 31) – 60 minute Pilates class


Wednesday (Day 32) – 3 mile walk

Neal and Ashley

Thursday (Day 33) – 60 minute Barre class


Friday (Day 34) – 30 minutes on Arc Trainer and weight lifting


Saturday (Day 35) – 60 minute Zumba class


What was your favorite workout last week?



  1. Tara says

    Keep up the great work. I love that you are doing so many different workouts. I want to try to take a yoga class a few times a week. I wish my gym offered it, but I know I need to find a good yoga studio to find the right class.
    Which type of yoga is your favorite?

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