My 2014 To Do List

I love list making!  Whether I’m planning out my day, my month, or the year, list making motivates me to make the most of each day.

The past two years I’ve made a 28 by 28 list and then a 29 by 29 list, but held off on creating a 30 by 30 list.  Yes my 30th birthday is in October, but I wanted to shift to creating goals by year.  I love planning things by seasons and seeing the big picture.

I haven’t always done the best job of completing my to do lists, but I’m hoping to be a little more successful this year!

Neal and Ashley

Health and Fitness

- Eat more real food

- Cook foods that I previously bought processed

- Continue to use AdvoCare products for health and wellness

- Workout every day (365 Day Fit Challenge)


- Rejoin CSA

- Read the Bible cover to cover

- Buy a DSLR camera

- Plan a celebration for my 30th birthday

Neal and I (Dates)

- Go out for brunch (a few times)

- Go to H-Street Country Club

- Hike Old Rag

- Go to a few Nationals baseball games

- Visit Arlington Cemetery

- Go to Jazz in the Garden

- Celebrate 2 year anniversary

Around the House

- Organize recipes

- Buy a new couch

- Celebrate each holiday in a fun way


- Visit my family and friends in San Antonio

- Visit my sister at UNT in Denton, TX

- Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

- Visit Niagara Falls

- Plan a cabin getaway

- Plan a vacation for 2015


Here’s to another great year!


  1. says

    I love your goal categories in the to do list! Great way to organize all that you would like to do. Also really enjoy seeing that you plan to read the BIble from cover to cover. Something I should be doing as well!

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