Tools For Weight Loss

There are multiple elements that have to fall into place in order for one to lose weight.  I personally think you have to reach a point where you want to change and won’t allow obstacles to stop you.

Cleaning up your diet, eating food for fuel, and exercising daily are really important, but now a days there are some amazing tools for weight loss to help you achieve your goals!

Libra Scale

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Libra Scale by Runtastic!  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever say that about a scale, but the Libra is incredibly accurate and provides me with data to better understand my body composition.

Libra Scale Review

The Libra not only measures your body weight, but it also tracks your body fat, muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, water weight, calorie consumption, and goals!

Libra Scale Review

The scale, which syncs to your iPhone via Bluetooth, shows you how your statistics compare over time!  I’ve loved being able to see how my measurements compare week to week and how my weight loss is going over time.  The scale, no matter my results week to week, has really made weighing in enjoyable.  It is a tool that I now can’t do without!

Polar Loop

I have owned a number of pedometers/accelerometers and the Polar Loop is by far my favorite!  The feature that really blows me away every day is the breakdown of my activity.  Being able to see how many hours I’ve spent sleeping, laying down, sitting, standing, walking, and running means more to me than just seeing my steps for the day.  My goal is always to reach 10,000 steps, but the Polar Loop has made me watch how much time I spend sitting each day.  Whether it’s standing while I’m on the phone, going for a walk during lunch, or spending some extra time at the gym, the Polar Loop has helped me understand my activity within a 24 hour period.

Polar Loop Review

Day Planners

I have a serious addiction to day planners, but I believe them to be an important tool for weight loss.  My latest obsession is the 2014 Simplified Planner.  I love that you can track your day’s events, like your workouts, create a to do list, and map out your dinners.   Planners like this one will help you to get organized, which is key for weight loss.

2014 Simplified Day Planner


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Instagram and have found it to be an important tool for my weight loss.  Not only am I able to share my daily eats and workouts on my own account, but I am able to follow others.  Seeing other people’s journeys pushes me!  People inspire me, you inspire me, and I love being able to connect with others on their own journey!

Coffee Cake and Cardio

What are some of your favorite tools for weight loss?


  1. says

    Wow! That scale looks amazing! I’m gonna have to look into upgrading my crappy old one. Thanks for sharing your list. I have also found instagram to be SUPER motivating and lots of fun!

  2. Tara says

    Wow, all that from a scale? That is amazing!
    I always say I will log my daily food and workouts, but I am just not consistant. I have tried a notebook planner, I have tried loggin on my phone, thought about an online journal…I just dont remember to always do it.

  3. Lauren says

    I got a polar loop for Christmas…does it bug you that it doesn’t really accurately break down high vs. medium intensity activity correctly? Like, I’m pretty sure it counts time on the elliptical as just standing (I don’t hold on to the arm things, so my arms don’t swing around) which is kind of annoying! I do like it overall though – definitely forcing me to be more aware of how much time I spend sitting, and also how even a walk to the grocery store and back is enough to make me hit my steps for the day.

  4. says

    That scale looks great, especially linking all the results to your phone.
    I’ve not heard of the Polar Loop before, but this looks fab too. I know I end up spending too much time sat down at work and this would be excellent at tracking improvements to spend less time on my butt!

  5. says

    Tools/Gadgets aren’t “necessary” for losing weight, but they can sure be helpful, motivating and make it more fun! I have a Fitbit and love it, but your review of the Polar makes me wish Fitbit would redesign a few things on their website in imitation (it has the same info, just not presented as clearly). I have Fitbit’s Aria scale, and I LOVE the wireless recording … it was so easy to forget the numbers as I stepped off the scale. I just did a post about calendars and keeping track, I do really like seeing things recorded in a calendar for a chronological review (even more than using them for planning ahead). I really like MFP as another tool, it’s really changed me these past several months, I don’t plan on quitting it even when I get to goal. I think I’ll need to keep it up forever :)

  6. says

    I use the MyNetDiary App for tracking my eating/workouts/water/etc. I have tried out a lot of the tracking apps like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal and I just really love this one the most (even though its not a free one)
    I also do use my paper day planner to kind of keep track of my exercises so I can do a quick glances of what days I did what!

  7. says

    I have to admit I am ADDICTED to Instagram! You are right, seeing how other people eat or workout in their daily life is very motivating. I have to admit, I really don’t use other tools for weight loss. I measure my body fat but as far as weight, I just do the tried and true clothes test. I am trying to build muscle and lose body fat (doing a figure competition soon!) so I know the scale might actually go up and I cannot stress about that since muscle weighs more than fat.

  8. says

    I have an UP Jawbone bracelet … myfitnesspal… forums (for me Jenny Craig specifically) instagram is awesome for finding inspirational quotes and also following people on similar paths. I love A LOT of apps… c25k, abs free, map my run etc

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