Hey Hey Vaycay

I'm on VACATION!!! I have seriously been waiting all summer to say that.  I can not even begin to explain how excited I am to be on vacation.  This summer has been pretty nice,but it has been non . . . Continue Reading »

A Traveling Meatless Monday

As I danced around in a beautiful dream,a piercing sound filled the air.  What was this noise and why was it ruining my dance.  A few moments later I came to my senses and realized it was not a dream . . . Continue Reading »

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

This past weekend,my BF and 5 of our friends headed up to Deep Creek Lake for the long weekend.  Deep Creek Lake is about 4 hours(with traffic) northwest of Washington,DC.  We found the house we . . . Continue Reading »

Mission 1: Deep Creek Lake

Well,it 's official.... "The Dean has authorized an early release for staff to get a start on Memorial Day weekend, for those who are able. Employees who are working may leave at 2:00 pm without . . . Continue Reading »

Planning a Vacation

Planning a vacation is a lot of fun, but for whatever reason, it made me so anxious today.  With so many options and the goal to save money for the future, finding a place to celebrate my BF' s and my . . . Continue Reading »