Our 1 Year Anniversary

Neal and Ashley

4 glorious days off and I enjoyed every minute of it! When Neal and I were choosing our wedding date, we picked July 7th for a number of reasons but one being that it's right around the 4th of July. . . . Continue Reading »

Treasured Travels

Prauge Honeymoon

Neal and I are planning a few vacations for this year, YAY, which made me think about our honeymoon. It's hard to believe that we're coming up on our one year anniversary! It really seems like just . . . Continue Reading »

A Stadium Full of Memories

Nessa K Photography

It's so fun reaching milestones and anniversaries. Last year was an absolutely crazy year for me but an amazing one at that. One year ago today, Neal and I took our formal engagement photos at . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Dress Runners Up


I was going through some old photos and came across ones from when I went wedding dress shopping.  As I couldn't share them with y'all at the time, I thought it'd be fun to show y'all what I tried on . . . Continue Reading »

Our Honeymoon: Berlin Germany

Berlin Bear

It has been a while since I shared a honeymoon post, so I thought I'd take you on a photo journey today of our day in Berlin, Germany. After time in Amsterdam and Southwest Germany, Neal and I took . . . Continue Reading »

Wolsfeld, Germany

Wolsfeld, Germany

After our honeymoon kickoff in Amsterdam Neal and I caught a train to Wolsfeld, Germany.  Wolsfeld is very dear to my heart as I lived there from ages 5-8.  As my father was in the Air Force we moved . . . Continue Reading »

Amsterdam Holland

Amsterdam Flower Market

It's hard to believe that Neal and I left for our honeymoon almost 2 months ago (and that we've been married for 2 months tomorrow).  To start our European honeymoon Neal and I flew to Amsterdam . . . Continue Reading »

My European Honeymoon

European Sweets

Neal and I spent a lot of time deciding where were wanted to go for our honeymoon.  Initially we were going to go to Hawaii for a relaxing week long honeymoon but after realizing that you never know . . . Continue Reading »

Our Wedding


As our wedding day continued, all of the ladies gathered in the church library until the ceremony started. The room had a direct feed into the chapel sound system, so it was trilling to hear the music . . . Continue Reading »

The Morning of My Wedding


The morning of my wedding was so incredibly special! Having lost my Grandfather the week before, I was still filled with a lot of emotions. Waking up to this beautiful sunrise gave me incredible . . . Continue Reading »

Rehearsal, Dinner, and Baseball


The Friday before the wedding started bright and early. I was eager to get up, shower, clean up a few things around the house, and to pick up the flowers for the wedding. The flowers were . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Week


The week of my wedding was an absolute blast.  Even though my sister was in town 2 weeks before wedding week, it wasn't until Neal's and my parents arrived on July 1 that it really hit me that it was . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Party Gifts


Surprise!!!  Hello from Salzburg, Austria!  I hope you're enjoying all of the guest posts while I'm away on my honeymoon.  I promise to tell y'all all about the wedding and honeymoon when I return . . . Continue Reading »

Busy, Busy Wedding Bee!

photo 1

Oh honey boo boo child, I've been itching to blog and tell y'all all about the week but boy has it been busy. Even now I'm cranking this out and then heading to dinner with my family in Annapolis, . . . Continue Reading »

Bachelorette Party

photo 1

Tips for an awesome bachelorette party... 1.  Start your day off with an awesome workout and a good breakfast! 2.  Get some caffeine (and protein) in during the day. 3.  Eat a healthy . . . Continue Reading »