Getting My Pregnancy Diet Back On Track


I wouldn't say that my diet has been all that bad these past 17 weeks.  Sure, I've definitely eaten more simple carbs since getting pregnant, but for the most part my diet has still been on track.  My biggest struggle has been my lack of energy and motivation.  Some days I have zero energy to cook or even chop veggies, so I just look for something quick and easy. As I get closer to the half way . . . Continue Reading »

Relating to the Struggle

3 weight loss goals

There's something really powerful about having someone to relate to when you're trying to lose weight.  Whether it's someone who has already reached their weight loss goals or someone who is embarking upon the journey, I think it's incredibly important to have people to talk to. The struggles that come with weight loss can be really hard for some people to understand. "Just eat less and . . . Continue Reading »

Using AdvoCare to Live a Healthier Life

AdvoCare Spark

As I've shared here on Coffee Cake and Cardio before, I started using AdvoCare products regularly a little over a year ago and have been an AdvoCare distributor since the summer of 2013.  Since then I've gotten a lot of questions about my favorite AdvoCare products, when I used them, and how I've used AdvoCare to live a healthier life.   AdvoCare alone is NOT the answer, but I can say from pe . . . Continue Reading »

This Is Why You’re Fat

This is why you're fat

On my flight to Nebraska on Tuesday, I read all of Jackie Warner's book "This Is Why You're Fat" and I've got to tell y'all... it's AWESOME!  In Jackie's book, she explains why her approach to weight loss is liveable versus diets, which are hard to live out long term. So what did I take away from the book?  We eat too much sugar.  Period.  No, it’s nothing new, but I think Jackie does a grea . . . Continue Reading »

A Clean Slate Post Vacation

Jewel of the Seas Food

A few years ago I made the decision to stop feeling guilty for the foods I ate and the weight I may have gained while on vacation.  Whether I'm traveling to see family, sailing around the Caribbean, or trekking through Europe, vacation is such a treasured time.   I love making the most of my vacations and that definitely includes eating foods that aren't a part of my daily diet. The a . . . Continue Reading »

Controlling My Weight Gain While Pregnant

Pregnancy Weight Gain

I had a hunch I was pregnant the week of Christmas because I just wasn't feeling good.  As the weeks went on, my desire to eat a well balanced diet went down the drain.  I found myself feeling best when I ate carbs (english muffins, bagels, pasta, etc.) and I was craving lots of dairy. While I still tried to eat vegetables and fruits, overall I found myself eating more breads and cheeses t . . . Continue Reading »

Evening Snacking: How to Stop


Yesterday on the Coffee Cake and Cardio's Facebook Page, I asked... Rachel responded asking, "Do you find it hard to continue your healthy eating day into the evening? What helps you squash or at least control that late nite snacking?"  Well I wanted to take some time today to talk about snacking and how to control any excess evening snacking that may be going on. From my . . . Continue Reading »

Is Blogging Good For Weight Loss?


A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger and I were talking about the effects of blogging about weight loss while trying to lose weight. From our eyes there are three types of weight loss bloggers. Bloggers who lose weight and then decide to blog about it. Bloggers who are in the middle of their quest to reach a healthy weight but haven't reached their goal yet (me and the other . . . Continue Reading »

Too Skinny?

Rachel Biggest Loser

After an extremely long day, I decided to go to bed early last night instead of watching The Biggest Loser finale. When I woke up, I was eager to see the results but was honestly shocked to see just how skinny Rachel was. I hopped onto Instagram and Twitter and was not surprised to see all of the negative comments about Rachel's extreme weight loss.  I couldn't help but wonder, were we all . . . Continue Reading »

Making 5AM Workouts Work


It's always amazing to me how different life can be depending on what time of the year it is. As I work in education, I tend to function off of a fall, spring, and summer calendar. While the fall is busy, it's pretty consistent. The spring on the flip side is all over the place! Each day varies, totally wrecking my pretty fall and summer routine. This "spring", it has become pretty clear that . . . Continue Reading »