Weekly Weigh-In: Week 3

Weekly Weigh-In

3 weeks ago when I started focusing on weight loss again I bought myself a new journal.  Though there are a gazillion iPhone apps to help track our food and exercise these days I decided to take it . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 2

Weekly Weigh-In

After having company in town and eating out a bunch during week 1 it was really nice being able to settle into a routine during week 2.  My goals for week 2 were similar to week 1.  My goals were . . . Continue Reading »

What I Ate Wednesday


This month my goal has been to transition to a more routine schedule and a more balanced diet. Some days are better than others eating wise, but I'm starting to figure it out. Here's a look at what I . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 1

Weekly Weigh-In

The first week of weight loss is always an exciting week. You're motivated, have a plan, and are determined to see a big loss on the scale. I've always loved the first weigh-in and how it catapults . . . Continue Reading »

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas


Whether you're in college, a busy working professional, or a mom, finding time to make and eat healthy meals can be a challenge. As a new mom (and soon to be working mom), I've struggled to put my own . . . Continue Reading »

Finding Inspiration


The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I couldn't help but feel inspired!  My fruit and vegetable intake these days has been really bad and scrolling through Instagram helped me to see . . . Continue Reading »

Are You Doing What You Can?


Many times over the past year I've asked myself, "Are you doing what you can?"  Even before I got pregnant, I often thought about my daily actions and whether or not they were in line with my goals. . . . Continue Reading »

Why Do We Overeat?

junk food

Earlier this week I had a wonderful talk with a dear friend of mine about overeating.  While I don't wish the struggle on anyone and hated to hear how she's feeling, it was helpful for both of us to . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Holding On


Holy Moly!!! How is it essentially mid-August already? Kids are legitimately heading back to school and college, football season is almost underway, and fall is just around the corner (40 days until . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Farm Fresh


This week we have a ton of fresh produce in the house!  I bought a few staples at Wegmans on Saturday (lettuce, bananas, mushrooms, avocados, spaghetti squash, and carrots) and then picked up a few . . . Continue Reading »