28 By Age 28 List

I love setting goals and creating to-do lists, so I thought creating a list of things I want to do or plan to do before turning 28 next year (2012) would be a good idea! So here it is, my 28 by age 28 list!

Health and Fitness

1.  Meet with a nutritionist/registered dietitian

2.  Eat more fruits and veggies

3.  Cut back on sweets

4.  Reach 199 pounds!

5.  Create a weight lifting routine

6.  Continue to run after 15K and maintain ability to run 8-10 miles with ease

7.  Become a certified spin instructor


8.  Continue to develop Coffee, Cake and Cardio

9.  Redesign Coffee, Cake and Cardio

10.  Host a giveaway each month on Coffee, Cake, and Cardio

Neal and I

11.  Plan a nice date night once a month with Neal

12.  Downsize my apartment (and encourage Neal to do the same) before we move in together

13.  Move into Neal’s and my first home together!

14.  Plan our wedding and stay under budget

15.  Get married!

16.  Plan out 2012 trip to Europe

17.  Plan our 2013 trip to Australia (sorry guys, this will definitely not be happening!)

18.  Develop a savings plan


19.  Graduate from Kansas State University with my masters degree

20.  Take tap dance classes

21.  Finish my high school scrapbook

22.  Learn how to knit hats

23.  Plan a girls weekend

24.  Recover all of my photos and documents from my old laptop

25.  Save and organize all digital photos in one, safe place

26.  Buy an iPhone

27.  Read 4 non graduate school related books

28.  Pursue coaching discus and shot-put at a local high school

Here’s to another great year!