September 2014 Goals

September 2014 Goals

October always use to be my favorite month of the year, but I have a feeling September is quickly going to become my favorite!  Waking up this morning it was excited knowing that it's officially birth . . . Continue Reading »

The Grand Finale

39 weeks spin workout

After 39 awesome weeks, this morning I decided to take one last spin class before our baby girl arrives. To be honest, I never thought I'd still be spinning at 39 weeks and although a part of me wants . . . Continue Reading »

Why Do We Overeat?

junk food

Earlier this week I had a wonderful talk with a dear friend of mine about overeating.  While I don't wish the struggle on anyone and hated to hear how she's feeling, it was helpful for both of us to . . . Continue Reading »

Looking Forward


If anyone has ever taken the StrengthsFinder test, one of my greatest strengths is being futuristic. I live in the future, thinking about what is to come and allowing those thoughts to energize me. . . . Continue Reading »

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

38 week pregnancy update

The Bump Movement - Baby girl is definitely running out of room!  Now when she moves it's as if I have an alien in me.  Maybe I've said that before, but seriously, each week it gets scarier and . . . Continue Reading »

Ready For Baby?

Bobby's Burger Palace Montgomery Mall

Monday, Monday! Most weeks I don't think much about the fact that we're starting another work week, but it really hit me this weekend that Neal and I are going to have a baby soon.  Today isn't just . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: August 2014


Currently:  It's no secret, but I'm currently ready to have this baby!! Yes I still have 2 weeks and 3 days until my due date, but I wouldn't mind one bit if she arrived early!  I'm still feeling . . . Continue Reading »

Hospital Bag – What to Pack

Hospital Bag What to Pack

Who'd have thought packing a bag for the hospital would require so much energy? I swear it took me longer to pack this bag than it did to pack for my honeymoon or last year's cruise!  I started . . . Continue Reading »

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Buffalo Chicken Soup

I know we still have one month until the first official day of fall but I'm getting super pumped y'all!!  Here in DC the weather has been such a tease, with temperatures in the 70's many days these . . . Continue Reading »

Week 37 Pregnancy Update

pregnancy update weeks 17, 27, and 37

The Bump Movement - I still love feeling my baby girl kick and punch but I'll admit, it hurts sometimes!! Baby Prep - I didn't really do any baby prep last week, at least that I can . . . Continue Reading »

Sunday Spin

Spin Workout

Neal and I have an unspoken agreement about weekend mornings. Almost every weekend I wake up early, take Theodore for a walk, and enjoy some much needed me time while Neal sleeps in.  On Saturday . . . Continue Reading »

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

I love beans.  I mean, I really love beans!  I love how versatile they are and all the ways you can use them in cooking.  One of my favorite bean recipes is hands down my chipotle black bean dip!  It . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Holding On


Holy Moly!!! How is it essentially mid-August already? Kids are legitimately heading back to school and college, football season is almost underway, and fall is just around the corner (40 days until . . . Continue Reading »

Week 36 Pregnancy Update


The Bump  Movement - I can still feel the baby move a ton!  I was told she might slow down as she runs out of room, but so far it feels like she still has plenty of room. Baby Prep - I . . . Continue Reading »

Day In The Life: Nesting


6:15AM - My alarm goes off 7:05AM - Jump out of bed and scramble to get ready after snoozing for 50 minutes. 7:15AM - Make a cup of coffee and fill up my water bottle 7:18AM - Hit the . . . Continue Reading »