Working Out During The Second Trimester


Working out during the second trimester has been... interesting! When I first found out I was pregnant, I continued working out just as I had before I was pregnant. Doctors agreed that as long as I wasn't adding any intensity, I could continue my workouts throughout my pregnancy. I continued to take spin classes every week, went for short runs, lifted weights, and spent a good amount of . . . Continue Reading »

Buy This Not That: Whole Foods Edition

Angie's Popcorn

I think this series should just be called "Buy This" because I rarely find products that I don't love.   Though it has been a while since writing a "Buy This Not That" post, I found a number of new favorites at Whole Foods last weekend and had to share them with y'all. Buy This - Angie's Sweet and Spicy Popcorn and Angie's White Cheddar Popcorn Y'all.... I am in love.  I'm honestly not a . . . Continue Reading »

Week 17 Pregnancy Update

week 18 pregnancy

Week 17 The Bump- The bump is an interesting thing I've learned.  Some days it is super round and other days I just have a little pooch fairly low down.  I think it depends on what I've eaten and how much water I've consumed. Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy. We’ll see in 3 weeks! Movement- I am definitely starting to feel some movement.  It's the . . . Continue Reading »

Getting My Pregnancy Diet Back On Track


I wouldn't say that my diet has been all that bad these past 17 weeks.  Sure, I've definitely eaten more simple carbs since getting pregnant, but for the most part my diet has still been on track.  My biggest struggle has been my lack of energy and motivation.  Some days I have zero energy to cook or even chop veggies, so I just look for something quick and easy. As I get closer to the half way . . . Continue Reading »

Relating to the Struggle

3 weight loss goals

There's something really powerful about having someone to relate to when you're trying to lose weight.  Whether it's someone who has already reached their weight loss goals or someone who is embarking upon the journey, I think it's incredibly important to have people to talk to. The struggles that come with weight loss can be really hard for some people to understand. "Just eat less and . . . Continue Reading »

Using AdvoCare to Live a Healthier Life

AdvoCare Spark

As I've shared here on Coffee Cake and Cardio before, I started using AdvoCare products regularly a little over a year ago and have been an AdvoCare distributor since the summer of 2013.  Since then I've gotten a lot of questions about my favorite AdvoCare products, when I used them, and how I've used AdvoCare to live a healthier life.   AdvoCare alone is NOT the answer, but I can say from pe . . . Continue Reading »

This Is Why You’re Fat

This is why you're fat

On my flight to Nebraska on Tuesday, I read all of Jackie Warner's book "This Is Why You're Fat" and I've got to tell y'all... it's AWESOME!  In Jackie's book, she explains why her approach to weight loss is liveable versus diets, which are hard to live out long term. So what did I take away from the book?  We eat too much sugar.  Period.  No, it’s nothing new, but I think Jackie does a grea . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Traveling West

Misty's Steakhouse Lincoln

Yesterday I left snow filled Washington, DC for a business meeting in Lincoln, NE.  It was actually a little funny leaving such a wintry mess for the 67 degree temperatures forecasted for today here in Nebraska, but I'll take it! Before leaving for the airport I enjoyed a big breakfast at home (which I totally forgot to take a picture of).  I scrambled two eggs and then topped them with a little c . . . Continue Reading »

Week 16 Pregnancy Update

pregnancy by week

Week 16 The Bump- The bump is still just that, a bump, which I love. I can still hide under a hoodie but my winter coat is starting to get a little snug. Hopefully this is my last week having to us it! Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy. We’ll see in 4 weeks! Movement- Nothing this week. Maternity clothes- I actually bought a few things this week! . . . Continue Reading »

New Adventures in DC

Honey Pig BBQ

This was an absolutely amazing weekend! It all started with my extremely productive Friday and then rolled right into Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to work on a few things around the house. Sadly, Neal battled a stomach flu all weekend, so I tried to keep a healthy distance between us. At 9:30AM I drove over to Alexandria, VA to meet up with Momma Buzz for a . . . Continue Reading »