What I Ate Wednesday


A little over a week ago I made the decision to stop dieting.  I'll have a full update for y'all tomorrow, but I wanted to share what I ate on Monday for this WIAW.  As I'm not following a diet plan, . . . Continue Reading »

Girls’ Weekend!


This weekend I enjoyed a girls' weekend with Magnolia! Neal was out of town, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to catch up with my girlfriends and to spend some quality time with . . . Continue Reading »

May 2015 Goals

May Goals

In April I... Went blonde and celebrated Becky Spent a morning in Alexandria Took Magnolia to her first Nationals game (Opening Day!) Talked about fitting in my workouts Enjoyed a . . . Continue Reading »

The Working Body

Julie Read The Working Body

A few weeks ago I was returning from a trip to the West Coast when a woman on the plane wasn’t able to lift her luggage into the overhead bin. I ended up helping her and lifted the bag without any . . . Continue Reading »

A Happy and Healthy Weekend


This past weekend, despite the chilly Saturday, was incredibly refreshing! We kicked off the weekend with Magnolia's first swim lesson. She had such an amazing time in the pool and I loved being able . . . Continue Reading »

Monthly Goal Check-In


April Goals I love, love, love creating monthly goals, but I'll be the first to admit that I forget about some of them halfway through the month. I like looking over the goals I set for myself at the . . . Continue Reading »

Countdown to Summer: Day 40


Day 40|100 - Countdown to Summer Aside from oversleeping my 4:30AM alarm and missing my opportunity to go to the gym before work, today was a really awesome day.  I track and measured everything . . . Continue Reading »

Countdown to Summer: Day 39


Day 39|100 - Countdown to Summer Today was a really beautiful day here in DC, rain aside. I never understood the "April showers bring May flowers" saying until I moved here, but now I get it! I . . . Continue Reading »

100 Days to Summer: Day 38

The Pour House Fish Tacos

Day 38|100 - Countdown to Summer Today was a wonderful day, but my diet stunk!! I kicked off the day with a spin class and then had eggs and coffee for breakfast. For lunch, we met up with . . . Continue Reading »

100 Days to Summer: Day 33

Cava Grill Salad

Day 33|100 - Countdown to Summer Today was definitely a "please don't do as I've done" kind of day. I didn't make myself a priority today and wasn't able to take a break to eat during the work day. . . . Continue Reading »

7 Months Postpartum

1 month postpartum vs 7 months postpartum

Seven months... holy moly! I think I start every postpartum update post with a "holy moly", but it really is mind blowing how quickly the months pass. Magnolia has changed so much each month, but . . . Continue Reading »

100 Days to Summer: Day 32


Day 32|100 -  Countdown to Summer Breakfast - Smoothie (cashew milk, protein powder, peanut butter, yogurt, spinach, and ice) Lunch - Thai quinoa salad and cottage cheese Dinner - Breakfast . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: April 2015

Neal and Ashley

Currently: April has been a pretty spectacular month so far!! Both weekends have been stellar, Opening Day was a blast, and I'm happier than ever since getting my workouts back on track.  A . . . Continue Reading »