Hello Energy!


For months I've had little energy and close to zero motivation. These past few weeks workouts have been really difficult, clean laundry has sat in baskets, and the new townhouse has gone undecorated.  Yesterday was truly the first day in a LONG time that I had tons of energy AND motivation! I crushed my to do list and got so much done around the house. Bright and early, Neal and I visited 3 . . . Continue Reading »

Throwback Favorites


One thing I absolutely love as a blogger is the snap shot my blog creates of my life.  Coffee Cake and Cardio is coming up on its 3 year birthday, which is crazy, but it makes looking back a lot of fun!  When I started this blog in April 2011 Neal and I were just dating, I lived alone, and I was in the thick of working full time and going to graduate school. The Oversized Bag Florida K . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Home Cooking


I haven't written a What I Ate Wednesday post in quite some time, so I thought it'd be fun to show y'all what I ate this past Sunday.  As I shared last week, I've been trying to decrease my bread and dairy intake this trimester so Sunday's eats are a great example of how I've been eating lately. After my morning workout (10 minute run, 30 minutes of spin, and weight lifting) I enjoyed an . . . Continue Reading »

Week 15 Pregnancy Update

pregnancy by week

Week 15 The Bump- I'm really loving it this week! It's round and cute.  A couple of days last week I felt a little blah, but overall my insecurities are minimal.  I am starting to sense that it's going to be vital that I control my emotions as my body continues to grow, but I am grateful! Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy.  We’ll see in 5 weeks! . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Must Haves

pregnancy must haves

When I got pregnant, I honestly had no idea what I was doing or what each week would be like. I didn't do a whole lot of planning beforehand, so it has been fun figuring out what works best for me as time goes on. Some weeks I feel just as the books say I should and other weeks I feel completely different. These past three months, I've found some pregnancy must haves for me. I'm sure in time, I'll . . . Continue Reading »

A Clean Slate Post Vacation

Jewel of the Seas Food

A few years ago I made the decision to stop feeling guilty for the foods I ate and the weight I may have gained while on vacation.  Whether I'm traveling to see family, sailing around the Caribbean, or trekking through Europe, vacation is such a treasured time.   I love making the most of my vacations and that definitely includes eating foods that aren't a part of my daily diet. The a . . . Continue Reading »

Controlling My Weight Gain While Pregnant

Pregnancy Weight Gain

I had a hunch I was pregnant the week of Christmas because I just wasn't feeling good.  As the weeks went on, my desire to eat a well balanced diet went down the drain.  I found myself feeling best when I ate carbs (english muffins, bagels, pasta, etc.) and I was craving lots of dairy. While I still tried to eat vegetables and fruits, overall I found myself eating more breads and cheeses t . . . Continue Reading »

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

About a month ago I had the ingenious idea to create a buffalo chicken pot pie! I wanted to believe that I was the first person to ever think of such a recipe, so instead of googling it, I decided to just jump in head first. While in Texas, I asked my mom to help (aka create) this delicious recipe. We decided to make a buffalo chicken and vegetable mixture and then to top it with a blue cheese and . . . Continue Reading »

Week 14 Pregnancy Update


Week 14 The Bump- It's weird how the body changes week to week.  This week I actually feel less "round".  I feel like I go straight from my chest down to my belly vs last week when I was a lot rounder.  (picture below shows weeks 12, 13, and 14 from left to right) Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy.  We’ll see in 6 weeks! Movement- None yet Ma . . . Continue Reading »

Fiesta Fiesta


One of the main reasons I came to Texas this past week was to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday! Stephanie and I first met during the 4th grade but didn't become close friends until I moved back to San Antonio in the 10th grade. Stephanie, who has battled Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, is an absolutely amazing woman and friend. Her 30th birthday is truly a celebration of her life and the . . . Continue Reading »