Guest Food Journal – Eleni

Eleni Breakfast

I'm a 37-year old stay-at-home mother to two rambunctious boys, ages 3 & 5.  I usually eat what my kids eat, which has actually translated into me eating a lot better than if it were just me by . . . Continue Reading »

Learning to Let Her Go


Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, but it is also one of the most challenging roles I've had to play in my life.  After my daughter was born, I'll never forget how it . . . Continue Reading »

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Sweet and Sour Meatball Recipe

I'm all about make ahead meals these days! Foods that are easy to make, store well (especially in the freezer), and taste great reheated! Maybe it's just me, but some foods just don't taste the same . . . Continue Reading »

Loving Lately

Stonyfield Greek and Chia

After a weekend Netflix binge fest, Neal and I FINALLLLY finished Lost! Granted we stayed up until 1AM on Sunday to finish it, but we're done! Since a 5AM workout wasn't going to happen Monday . . . Continue Reading »

Week In Review

Week In Review

From The Blog Weekend Recap Currently February 2015 How To Organize Your Blog Catching Up Guest Food Journal A Snowy Saturday Around The Web 35 Secrets to Marriage Success 5 Tips For . . . Continue Reading »

Snowy Saturday


I truly believe that all things happen for a reason, so when I heard we were getting snow this weekend, I couldn't help but feel grateful. As easy as it is for me to make tons of plans, I really . . . Continue Reading »

Guest Food Journal – Lisa

Working Mom Food Journal

My name is Lisa, and like Ashley, I'm a new mom too! Our daughters are just two weeks apart, and I'm beginning to adjust these past few weeks to a new schedule since I've been back to work. In . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: February 2015

Neal and Ashley

Currently: Snow Day!!  I'm sitting here in my quiet sun filled home with a cup of coffee in my hands and a beautiful baby girl to my right.  It's moments like these that help me to remember that life . . . Continue Reading »

Weekend Recap: Mini Staycation

Spring 2015 Essie Colors

This weekend was incredibly relaxing and a ton of fun! It all started Friday with a great workout, a few errands, lots of shopping at Kohl's with my mother-in-law, and dinner at Uncle Julio's. . . . Continue Reading »

Week In Review

Week In Review

From The Blog Introducing Florence and June Day In The Life Peanut Butter and White Chocolate No-Bake Cookies 5 Months Postpartum Guest Food Journal Around The Web How To Create and Keep a . . . Continue Reading »

5 Months Postpartum

5 months postpartum

5 months!  What an amazing ride it has been. It's truly amazing to see how much Magnolia has grown and changed over the past 5 months.  Earlier this week, as we moved Magnolia to size 3 diapers, . . . Continue Reading »

Introducing Florence and June

Florence and June Printables

Today is an incredibly exciting day for my sister Alison and me.  Last year we both found ourselves at crossroads.  She was entering her senior year in college and I was well into my pregnancy with . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Meal Prep

Meal Prep Snack Ideas

This upcoming week is a short week for me, YAY, as we have family coming into town on Thursday.  I anticipate we'll go out to dinner a few times this coming weekend, so my goal is to save all 49 of my . . . Continue Reading »

Week In Review

Week In Review

From The Blog Weekly Meal Prep February 2015 Monthly Goals Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos Guest Food Journal from Kelly Around The Web Saved By The Bell Screech and Lisa? The Ranch on the . . . Continue Reading »