WIAW – 3 More Weeks

2 egg whites

It's hard to believe that there are just three weeks left of summer, 3 more weeks until the end of my scaleless summer, and 3 weeks until Fitbloggin! I am really determined to have a successful . . . Continue Reading »

Exercising While Watching TV

Fall 2012 TV Lineup

I don't know about y'all but I am PUMPED for fall TV to start in a few weeks!  I know some people are good about limiting their hours in front of the TV but for me, I just love my shows too much.  . . . Continue Reading »

A Wonderful Weekend

Founding Farmers

This weekend was just perfect! Absolutely perfect. A wonderful weekend if you will. It all started Saturday with my first Crossfit class. I came back home feeling great and excited about my fitness . . . Continue Reading »

Crossfit Rockville

Crossfit Rockville

Today was a long time coming, but I finally made it out to Crossfit Rockville.   Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program which utilizes weight lifting, running, and plyometrics as its core.  . . . Continue Reading »

Fitness Friday – 5

Pork Tenderloin Salad

Theodore completely changed my week, but boy do I adore him! My plans to take multiple classes post work quickly changed after getting our puppy, but that hasn't stopped me from moving! Walk. Walk. . . . Continue Reading »

Sweet’N Low Cocktails

Sweet'N Low Cocktails

Last weekend I got together with my dear friend Becky to make a few Sweet'N Low cocktails! As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program, Becky and I created 3 different Sweet'N Low using simple . . . Continue Reading »

Meet Baby Theodore

Westie Puppy

Neal and I are proud, excited, and thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family... Theodore! A few weeks ago, Neal and I began looking at puppies.  We thought adding a dog to our . . . Continue Reading »

Scaleless Summer Update

Ashley Beer

With just a little over 4 weeks left in my second Scaleless Summer, I wanted to reflect on summer thus far and to give y'all a little peek as to what I've been up to.  So here it is, my scaleless . . . Continue Reading »

My European Honeymoon

European Sweets

Neal and I spent a lot of time deciding where were wanted to go for our honeymoon.  Initially we were going to go to Hawaii for a relaxing week long honeymoon but after realizing that you never know . . . Continue Reading »

Fitness Friday – 4

photo 1 (2)

This was just about the longest week EVER!  I feel like I went through Tuesday twice and Friday took about 8 days to arrive.  I am happy and grateful that it's finally Friday... and Fitness Friday!  . . . Continue Reading »

Late Summer Training Schedule

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I'm a little odd when it comes to running.  Running is a challenge for me, no doubt about it, yet I continue to train and sign up for races.  As a person who struggles at running, it's important for . . . Continue Reading »

Truckeroo DC

Neal and Ashley

Friday after work, Neal and I ventured down to Navy Yard to attend this month's Truckeroo!  Truckeroo DC is a monthly event where local DC food trucks gather to feed the masses.  Located right next to . . . Continue Reading »

Fitness Friday – 3

working out

What a transitional week... but a good one at that. This week went from being really injured to being somewhat injured to being stiff but feeling better. For being the week after injuring my back I . . . Continue Reading »