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Beach Getaway Day 1 and 2

Hello from sunny Florida!  Monday morning we flew down to Florida and have been enjoying every ounce of sunshine since we got here. Monday - Day 1 Monday morning we packed up our car, headed to the airport, parked our car, made our way through security, and settled in at our gate. Our flight down to Florida was pretty good, though Magnolia was not too keen on sitting still for 2.5 hours. S ... read more

Dick's Sporting Goods Women's Workout Clothes

Finding Motivation to Work Out

I was talking to a good friend the other day about finding motivation to work out, and we got on the topic of workout gear. When I was a teenager and pretty insecure about my body, I would work out in large basketball shorts and an over-sized t-shirt. I didn't feel good about myself when I was working out, and I think that really took away from my workouts. When I made the decision to change my ... read more

Cantaloupe Breakfast

Loving Lately

The DC Divas Oline I love my entire team, but the oline has a special place in my heart. We work incredibly hard and I'm so proud of what we accomplished this weekend. We're all so excited to go to LA for the championship game on August 8. Kodiak Cakes  I love making Neal and I breakfast on the weekends.  Whether it's eggs or pancakes, there's just something special about sleeping in (as l ... read more


Day In The Life: DC Diva

Yesterday was a huge day for the DC Divas!  After a long season regular season and 2 playoff games, we took on the Chicago Force for the conference championship.  The hours leading up to the game are really important so I try to get out of the house a bit and then rest up before we head to the game. Here's a look at a day in the life of a DC Divas football player. 6:37AM - Magnolia wakes Neal a ... read more

Nova Scotia Organics

Summer Workout Survival Kit + Giveaway

Here in DC the summers are HOT! High temperatures and high humidity can make outdoor workouts pretty miserable, but summer workouts can also be very rewarding!  Whether you're going out for an early morning run, driving somewhere cooler to go for a hike, or kayaking down a river, the heat can be worth it. As someone who workouts before the day gets going, but also plays full contact football (ak ... read more

Goal Setting

July Goals

July 2015 Goals

In June I... Shared 2 cucumber smoothie recipes (smoothie 1 and smoothie 2) Visited Wood Ranch Celebrated Global Wellness Day Shared my favorite quick and easy breakfasts Magnolia turned 9 months old Ran the Fit Foodie 5k Created our summer to do list Saw Bette Midler in ... read more

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