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After having metabolic testing done and having a better understanding of how many calories I burn, I had to start thinking about how I wanted to consume my calories. As a full contact football player there are days when my body just needs more. How I use my 1800 calories a day make a huge difference in how I feel and how I perform at practice. I am still figuring things out but I know how . . . Continue Reading »

Metabolic Testing

Washington DC Metabolic Testing

My first step in arriving at a place where I can lose weight is to be honest about where I am at.  My sister often encourages me to stop thinking about the weight I've lost in the past (or have gained) and instead to focus on the here and now.  I have to start viewing this as a new chapter, a new start. In order to lose weight, I first needed to learn more about my body.  How many calories does . . . Continue Reading »

Determining Your Reason For Losing Weight

Coffee Cake and Cardio

This year I have been looking at my weight loss goals from a whole new perspective. A while back, my doctor told me that the key to losing weight is determining your reason for losing weight.  For some, wanting to be smaller and to weigh a certain amount just isn't enough to get them to their goal weight. It has be a reason that creates a "now or never" drive in the individual. In 2006 my drive . . . Continue Reading »

Day In The Life: Spinning Through

Spin Class

I feel like people always say this, but how is it already the end of February?  Time is flying!  I'm honestly a little overjoyed that the month is almost over as this is a crazy month for me, but it also means that it's almost spring, almost football season, and another month into 2013. This month I feel like I'm just spinning through, but I'm on a good track and am making the most of such a b . . . Continue Reading »

Eating In The Shadows


I was looking over old posts last night and came across this one. I thought it was worth reposting since eating in the shadows is a struggle for a lot of people. --Do you eat in private where no one else can see? --Do you eat healthy in front of others, but then in private change your diet? --Do you stick to your diet and/or meal plan during the day, only to go off track once you're . . . Continue Reading »

Washington DC Staycation

US Capitol

On Friday morning Neal and I headed into Washington, DC, not for work but for a day of sightseeing.  A Washington DC Staycation!! Neal and I have both lived in DC for quite some time now but we both agreed that we want to make more of an effort to get downtown, to soak up the history, and to make the most of the Capital we live in. Our first stop was the US Capitol.  The US Capitol V . . . Continue Reading »

A Shift In Focus

Dunkin Donuts

This morning I met up with Becky for coffee and a 3 mile walk on the Crescent Trail in Bethesda, MD.  Before our walk we swung into Dunkin Donuts for a cup of Joe. While waiting in line I listened to the people before me place their orders.  Coffees made with cream and sugar.  Dozens of donuts and donut holes.  Bagel sandwiches made with sausage, eggs, and cheese.  I stood there and just coul . . . Continue Reading »

Increase Protein Intake With Designer Whey

Designer Whey White Chocolate

These past few weeks I've been making more of an effort to limit my carbohydrate intake and to increase my protein intake. I've never had a problem coming up with carb options...but I always seem to get bored with my protein options. There are only so many eggs, chicken breasts, and cottage cheese cups this girl can eat. As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to try some of . . . Continue Reading »

Let Go Of The Security Blanket!


Neal and I are enjoying a planned vacation day today!! We both took the day off from work and are heading downtown to sight see.  It has been quite a while since we've played tourist in our own city, so we're excited to get downtown today! In today's vlog I address a difficult weight loss topic... security blankets.  Most overweight people know that they aren't at a healthy weight, but have a d . . . Continue Reading »

My Loves

Brownie Truffle

For some reason, this week I've been thinking a lot about the past year and how different my life is one year later. Last valentine's day I was in my last semester of graduate school and was in the thick of wedding planning. One year later I'm married, living in a different state, happy in my career, and mom to an adorable Westie puppy! It has been quite a year but boy am I happy! Last . . . Continue Reading »