Scaleless Summer 2012

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The summer is officially here and boy did she bring some heat with her!  Today is suppose to be a scoreture but I am really excited that it is now officially summer. Growing up I hated the . . . Continue Reading »


Today is a bittersweet day for me.  On one hand my sister arrives from Texas tonight... on the other hand my best friend is having major lung surgery today.   It is a bittersweet day for me today.  My . . . Continue Reading »

Stewed Okra

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At the farmers market yesterday I picked up a bundle of okra, just knowing I could find something to do with them this week.  When I lived in Texas I used to eat pickled okra all the time, but my . . . Continue Reading »

A Dream Saturday

Fitmixer Amino

Today was an absolutely fabulous day... a dream Saturday if you ask me! It all started with a glass of this yummy goodness. Fitmixer Amino was the perfect pre-workout/post-workout drink, . . . Continue Reading »

Olympic Motivation

I'll never forget the 1996 Olympics.  I was 12 years old, fascinated with sports, excited about the Olympics being in Atlanta, and just about obsessed with gymnastics.  This still gives me . . . Continue Reading »

Garlic Swiss Chard

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Last weekend at the Rockville Farmers Market I snatched up a bundle of swiss chard. I see swiss chard and rainbow chard on the Food Network's show Chopped all the time (I'm obsessed with that . . . Continue Reading »

Traveling to Indiana

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Yesterday I headed to Indianapolis, Indiana for a 3 day conference.  I packed my Vera Bradley bags, all 6 of them, and headed on into work.  When I travel I realize just how many Vera Bradley bags I . . . Continue Reading »

Trip Preparations


Today I'm headed to Indianapolis for a work conference until Thursday.   I am uber excited about this conference and can't believe that when I get back it'll be TWO WEEKS until wedding week! As . . . Continue Reading »

Summer Bucket Lists

Farmers Market

With the official start to summer just around the corner and a lot of buzz out there regarding summer bucket lists, I thought It'd make a summer "to do" list of my own. The unofficial start to . . . Continue Reading »

30 Days of Bliss

Nationals Wine Glass

The days leading up to the wedding have truly been bliss.  It's hard to believe that our wedding is just 30 days away!  Wild!  This week has been filled with lots of fun events, plenty of wedding . . . Continue Reading »

Losing Back Fat


After my final wedding dress fitting yesterday, I became consumed with thoughts about toning my back and losing the dreaded back fat.  Since starting the Body Revolution program back in April, I have . . . Continue Reading »

Body Revolution Workout 9

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First off, have you seen the previews for Magic Mike?  Holy mama! Channing Tatum is just divine!  Even if some of his movies are "just ok", I still spend the $16 dollar to go see them.  I love . . . Continue Reading »

I Gnu You’d Love This!

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I have a new love in my life... Gnu Foods Flavor and Fiber bars.  Y'all know I have tried a number of different bars, but these are by far my favorite.  When I received my pack of bars, I just fell . . . Continue Reading »

June 2012 Monthly Goals

San antonio Bridal Shower

May was a fabulous month!!  I'm not surprised by how quickly it went by as it was filled with many joyous events. In May I... - Graduated from Kansas State University with a MS in Academic . . . Continue Reading »