Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

About a month ago I had the ingenious idea to create a buffalo chicken pot pie! I wanted to believe that I was the first person to ever think of such a recipe, so instead of googling it, I decided to just jump in head first. While in Texas, I asked my mom to help (aka create) this delicious recipe. We decided to make a buffalo chicken and vegetable mixture and then to top it with a blue cheese and . . . Continue Reading »

Week 14 Pregnancy Update


Week 14 The Bump- It's weird how the body changes week to week.  This week I actually feel less "round".  I feel like I go straight from my chest down to my belly vs last week when I was a lot rounder.  (picture below shows weeks 12, 13, and 14 from left to right) Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy.  We’ll see in 6 weeks! Movement- None yet Ma . . . Continue Reading »

Fiesta Fiesta


One of the main reasons I came to Texas this past week was to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday! Stephanie and I first met during the 4th grade but didn't become close friends until I moved back to San Antonio in the 10th grade. Stephanie, who has battled Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, is an absolutely amazing woman and friend. Her 30th birthday is truly a celebration of her life and the . . . Continue Reading »

Goin’ Through The Big D

vera bradley

but I do mean Dallas! Bonus points if you know that song... Well, this southern girl is back in Texas for a week and I couldn't be happier! On Wednesday I flew from DC to Dallas to meet up with my sister Alison. Alison attends UNT, so I figured it'd be fun to check out the school and her digs before heading home to San Antonio. While on my first flight to Birmingham, I read up to Week 14 . . . Continue Reading »

When Did I Know I Was Ready to Have Children?


After getting married in July 2012 I knew I wanted to wait at least a year before having the pregnancy talk.  I wanted to enjoy my time as a newlywed and wanted to take on playing football for the DC Divas. Our plan was to start trying to get pregnant after football season ended in August 2013, but when the time came I just wasn't ready to get pregnant.  Football had consumed my life from O . . . Continue Reading »

Mmm Breakfast!


Did y'all know it's National Breakfast Week?? I have no idea how I've missed this memo in the past, but I'm determined to redeem myself!  In honor of National Breakfast Week I thought I'd share one of my new favorite breakfasts. I start by cooking two eggs (or just egg whites) in a saute pan. While the eggs cook I toast a Thomas English Muffin and slice up some sharp cheddar cheese . . . Continue Reading »

Week 13 Pregnancy Update


Week 13 The bump- It's getting rounder.  My stomach is quite flat first thing in the morning and then much larger after I eat and throughout the day. Gender- Neal thinks we're having a girl while I think we're having a boy.  We'll see in 2 months! Movement- None yet Maternity clothes- My baby bump isn't big enough to wear maternity pants, but I've found some pants I'm comfortable in a . . . Continue Reading »

AllWhites Cheese and Vegetable Quiche

Egg White and Vegetable Quiche

Over the years, I've learned to really listen to my body and how it responds to different foods. I know that I feel best when I eat protein, vegetables, and fruits, so I try to limit my carb and dairy intake. Some days I crave scrambled eggs with sauteed vegetables and other days I crave a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, but the key is really to listen to my body. When you listen to your . . . Continue Reading »

A Clean Slate

Maar's Pizza San Antonio

Have you ever had one of those days where your day and diet just don't go as planned? You wake up late, throw your hair in a ponytail, and run out the door with nothing but coffee in your stomach.  Already you've kicked off your day feeling gross and hungry!  As you weren't able to pack a lunch, you spend your lunch break mulling over where to grab lunch.  Do you order a burger, a . . . Continue Reading »

Catching Up: Pregnancy Update


These past few months have been an absolute whirlwind, but incredibly amazing all at the same time!  From the day we found out we were pregnant up until now, I've had to find the balance of living life as if nothing has changed and changing my lifestyle entirely. At our first doctors appointment on January 14 we thought we were 8 weeks pregnant, but during the first sonogram they measured the . . . Continue Reading »