Experiencing Texas


Earlier this year I read an article about gifting experiences instead of material things for Christmas and I absolutely loved the concept. After telling Neal about the article we both decided to gift . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas In Texas

Neal and Ashley

Howdy from San Antonio, Texas! Christmas Eve Neal, Magnolia, and I made our way to San Antonio for the Christmas holiday. We took a late night flight in the hopes that Magnolia would sleep and . . . Continue Reading »

One Year Later

Family Stefanie Harrington Photography

One year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Magnolia! It's kinda unreal to think of how different life is 365 days later. This time last year I had just returned from an amazing cruise, was . . . Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas!

Texas Christmas

Merry Christmas for San Antonio! Neal, Magnolia, and I traveled to Texas late last night and are so happy to be in my home state. Being with family and friends in Texas is more than I could have asked . . . Continue Reading »

10 Best AdvoCare Products

10 Best AdvoCare Products

A year and a half ago I decided to become an AdvoCare distributor after a few years of using the products to support my workouts (running, lifting weights, spinning, and playing football).  I often . . . Continue Reading »

My Favorite Green Smoothie

The Best Green Smoothie

We see green smoothies all the time, but boy can they be hit or miss.  Some are a little too green for me and others are actually really unhealthy.  As I've shared before, it's incredibly easy to make . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Weigh-In Week 10

Weekly Weigh-In

This week was B.A.D and yet at the same time, it wasn't all that bad!  I was really overwhelmed this week and essentially turned to food to comfort me.  I didn't go completely awol, but there were . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: December 2014

Oatmeal Breakfast

Currently: This hasn't been my finest week. I'm tired, overwhelmed, discouraged, and stressed. I can not wait for the holiday break but I'm also dreading January 5 when I return to work 5 days a week. . . . Continue Reading »

Merry In Moderation

Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark Cookies

Some years I'm at a total loss for how to approach the holidays.  On one end of the spectrum I could just indulge for 4 weeks and pick up where I left off come January.  On the other end of the . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Weigh-In Week 9

Weekly Weigh-In

This week was crazy, but I tried my hardest to do what I could considering our situation.  Even when we were in the hospital for 48 hours, and eating out most meals, I tried to make wise decisions and . . . Continue Reading »

Best and Worst #9

Potbelly's A Wreck Sandwich

What. A. Week!  It was pretty much the worst, but things are a whole lot better than they were at the beginning of the week.  Lets start with the worst... Worst 1.  Magnolia was hospitalized with . . . Continue Reading »

Thursday Thoughts – Once So Pure


There I was, in the diaper aisle at Target, looking for wet wipes that wouldn't irritate my daughter's skin.  Some wipes were too wet, some were too dry, and some were too expensive.  As I flipped . . . Continue Reading »

Thirty Five


This week has been a roller coaster. After fighting a cold these past few weeks, Magnolia took a turn this weekend which landed us in the hospital Monday. We've been here ever since, as Magnolia was . . . Continue Reading »

Top 12 Christmas Movies

Top 12 Christmas Movies

This weekend Neal and I kicked off our holiday tradition of watching Christmas movies! Every weekend leading up to Christmas we love to line up our favorite films and watch them as a family.  This . . . Continue Reading »