4th of July Weekend Recap

Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

Words can not express how excited I was for this past weekend. To have an extra day off work, to spend time with my friend Becky, and to have my mom and sister arrive from Texas was just . . . Continue Reading »

July 2014 Goals

ice cream

It's hard to believe that these will most likely be my second to last set of goals before our daughter arrives!  While I've loved focusing on other things these past 7 months, I've got to admit that . . . Continue Reading »

Week 30 Pregnancy Update

Workout Spin

The Bump Gender - It's a girl! Movement- There must have been a major growth spurt or something last week because it has literally been like night and day.  I went from hardly ever feeling . . . Continue Reading »

Theodore’s 2nd Birthday

Westie Puppy

It's hard to believe, but today is Theodore's 2nd birthday!! Almost 2 years ago, after our amazing honeymoon to Europe, I convinced Neal to go "look" at dogs. I had always wanted a Westie and when . . . Continue Reading »

Week 29 Pregnancy Update


The Bump - Movement - She's still super mellow!  It's funny talking to friends who are pregnant and hearing just how active their babies are.  Our little girl is pretty chill 90% of the day, . . . Continue Reading »

FitFoodie 5K Recap

FitFoodie 5K

Yesterday morning Neal and I ran the FitFoodie 5K in Fairfax, VA. I'll be the first to admit that I was a little nervous about running the 5K at almost 29 weeks pregnant. Although I've continued to go . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: June 2014


Currently:  I am currently freaking out that there is only one more full week left in June!! It's just hard to believe that July is almost here, which means that August is just around the corner, and . . . Continue Reading »

Hitting Fitness Rock Bottom


Tuesday night I raced home after a long day of work in order to make my 7:15PM spin class. By the time I got home at 6:00PM I had zero motivation to go to class. I knew I'd feel better if I went to . . . Continue Reading »

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

28 week pregnancy update

The Bump Gender - It's a girl! Baby's Size - At 28 weeks the baby is around 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. Movement - Baby girl still picks and chooses what days she wants to be active, . . . Continue Reading »

A His and Hers Weekend

Rays to the Third Shakes

It's funny how this weekend turned out, but Saturday ended up being a Neal day while Sunday became a me day. We both had a gazillion things we needed to get done, so it was fun focusing on Neal's . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Go Back to Square One

Farmers Market

The past four months I've had the wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts about giving one's self a clean slate instead of feeling defeated or discouraged if you've "fallen off the wagon".  I think . . . Continue Reading »