Are You Doing What You Can?


Many times over the past year I've asked myself, "Are you doing what you can?"  Even before I got pregnant, I often thought about my daily actions and whether or not they were in line with my goals. . . . Continue Reading »

Sunday Stroll

Rock Creek Park Trail Workout Walk

This morning I woke up and felt an overwhelming urge to get away for some me time.  I have mixed feelings about tomorrow being my due date.  On one hand I'm absolutely thrilled and excited and on the . . . Continue Reading »

Smoked Gouda Manicotti

Smoked Gouda Manicotti

I have been super spoiled this week! My mom arrived from Texas and has been helping me so much around the house. Whether she was hanging things in the nursery, surprising me by getting my car cleaned, . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Meal by Meal

First Watch Pecan Pancakes

I've got to admit, it's going to be interesting transition out of pregnancy eating wise!  Over the past 10 months I've gone from not wanting to eat much, to craving nothing but carbs, to feeling like . . . Continue Reading »

Week 39 Pregnancy Update


The Bump Movement - Baby girl is still really active, which is awesome.  Her kicks and punches can be painful at times, but it's great being able to feel her move each day.  The end of . . . Continue Reading »

September 2014 Goals

September 2014 Goals

October always use to be my favorite month of the year, but I have a feeling September is quickly going to become my favorite!  Waking up this morning it was excited knowing that it's officially birth . . . Continue Reading »

The Grand Finale

39 weeks spin workout

After 39 awesome weeks, this morning I decided to take one last spin class before our baby girl arrives. To be honest, I never thought I'd still be spinning at 39 weeks and although a part of me wants . . . Continue Reading »

Why Do We Overeat?

junk food

Earlier this week I had a wonderful talk with a dear friend of mine about overeating.  While I don't wish the struggle on anyone and hated to hear how she's feeling, it was helpful for both of us to . . . Continue Reading »

Looking Forward


If anyone has ever taken the StrengthsFinder test, one of my greatest strengths is being futuristic. I live in the future, thinking about what is to come and allowing those thoughts to energize me. . . . Continue Reading »

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

38 week pregnancy update

The Bump Movement - Baby girl is definitely running out of room!  Now when she moves it's as if I have an alien in me.  Maybe I've said that before, but seriously, each week it gets scarier and . . . Continue Reading »

Ready For Baby?

Bobby's Burger Palace Montgomery Mall

Monday, Monday! Most weeks I don't think much about the fact that we're starting another work week, but it really hit me this weekend that Neal and I are going to have a baby soon.  Today isn't just . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: August 2014


Currently:  It's no secret, but I'm currently ready to have this baby!! Yes I still have 2 weeks and 3 days until my due date, but I wouldn't mind one bit if she arrived early!  I'm still feeling . . . Continue Reading »

Hospital Bag – What to Pack

Hospital Bag What to Pack

Who'd have thought packing a bag for the hospital would require so much energy? I swear it took me longer to pack this bag than it did to pack for my honeymoon or last year's cruise!  I started . . . Continue Reading »