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Long Weekend Recap

We had a really amazing time with Neal's parents these past 5 days.  I was able to take off work Thursday and Monday, giving me a pretty long weekend to spend with family.  Thursday we got a few errands done, had lunch at Red Lobster, and then enjoyed naps before picking up Magnolia from daycare. Saturday morning we headed over to Alexandria for the Art on the Ave art festival in Del Ray. It is one of my favorite art festivals and the weather was perfect!  We then headed home to watch the Iowa game (GO HAWKEYES!). Saturday afternoon I went for that amazing run and then ran to Home Goods and Kohl's for some retail therapy. For dinner, we went to the Pour House in Gaithersburg, which ... read more


Ehh! Darn You Blueberry Muffin.

How many times have you woken up and decided that today you were going to give yourself a fresh start? Whether you've fallen off the wagon, eaten out too many times, or just feel like crap. You know that you want the cycle to stop, so you decide to hit the reset button.  You wake up, determined to have a better day, but before you know it, you've messed up your clean slate. These past few weeks ... read more

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Some Days You Just Need To Workout

Since I was little, I have used food to cope with stress.  Food doesn't talk back, it comforts you, and in a moment, it makes you feel better.  Food can numb you, even if just for a few seconds, but I never feel great after I've used food to cope with stress. A lot has happened these past few weeks, which I know is super vague, but I mention it because I have a lot on my mind.  Most days are so ... read more


Day In The Life

Happy Friday everyone!! I won't lie, this was a pretty busy week and drained a lot of my energy.  Neal's parents are in town this weekend, so Neal and I both worked really hard Monday through Wednesday in order to take some time off while they're in town.  I took yesterday off, which was awesome, and will also take Monday off to spend a little more time with family before they head back to I ... read more


Balancing Family, Work, and Yourself

Hey y'all!  I can not thank y'all enough for filling out the reader survey for me!  Your feedback means a lot to me.  I was really encouraged by everything and am grateful to have you as readers.  Though I'm still sorting through the feedback,  I wanted to share this blog post I wrote for Tina over at Carrots N' Cake a few months ago.  I thought y'all might enjoy it. One of the questions I get ... read more


Now It’s Your Turn

Hump Day!! I hope y'all are having a really great week so far. This week has been pretty great so far. I've gotten into a groove of going to Orange Theory on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 5AM and have still enjoyed my "free nights" on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Some nights I'll go out with friends and other nights I'll work late.  Either way, it's nice having some time to just live ... read more

Goal Setting

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October 2015 Goals

I love the month of October.  Whether it's celebrating my birthday, watching the leaves change color, going trick or treating, or lighting pumpkin candles, it is usually one of the most joyous months of the year for me. September was a good month.  It went by really quickly, but was full of lots o ... read more

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