Day In The Life: Nesting


6:15AM - My alarm goes off 7:05AM - Jump out of bed and scramble to get ready after snoozing for 50 minutes. 7:15AM - Make a cup of coffee and fill up my water bottle 7:18AM - Hit the . . . Continue Reading »

Week 35 Pregnancy Update

Washington DC Area Maternity Photographer Stefanie Harrington

The Bump Gender - Last week we confirmed that she's 100% a girl!  I still wondered if she'd end up being a boy because our ultrasound tech at 20 weeks said she "saw the goods but couldn't get . . . Continue Reading »

A Little of This and That

Emily Bites Bubble Up Enchilada Casserole

This post is a great reflection of where my brain is at these days... all over the place!  I have lots of random tidbits for y'all today.  A little from this past weekend and a few thoughts on the . . . Continue Reading »

August 2014 Goals

James Taylor Concert

I am so overjoyed that it's August! A few months ago I made it my goal to have a gazillion things done by August 1 and I'm honestly really happy with all we've accomplished. I still have some things . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: July 2014

Gaithersburg Taco Bar

Currently: Better late than never huh?  It has been a pretty wild and crazy month, but a great month at that.  I am currently thinking about my August goals and the things I want to do before the baby . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Farm Fresh


This week we have a ton of fresh produce in the house!  I bought a few staples at Wegmans on Saturday (lettuce, bananas, mushrooms, avocados, spaghetti squash, and carrots) and then picked up a few . . . Continue Reading »

Week 34 Pregnancy Update

Mae and Jane Baby Headbands

The Bump Gender - It's a girl! Movement - From what I see and feel, the baby is still sitting really high on my right side.  She loves kicking/punching my upper right abdomen and ribs, which . . . Continue Reading »

A Rockin’ Saturday

Billy Joel Concert Nationals Park 2014

Bright and early yesterday morning Neal and I headed up to Germantown, Maryland to shop at Wegmans. I used to shop at Wegmans all the time when I was in college, but haven't been in years! I . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Balancing Cravings


I'll be honest, I was really nervous about what the 3rd trimester would look like, what I'd be craving, and how I'd feel.  I had heard so many stories of women doubling their pregnancy weight gain . . . Continue Reading »

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

The Bump Baby Prep - Last week I went a little Amazon crazy.  I think Amazon Prime and I are going to be the best of friends after the baby arrives!  It was so great being able to buy things . . . Continue Reading »

Weekend Recap

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

Well it's official, I'm losing my brain. It all started Friday morning when I remembered at 7:05AM that I had a 7:30AM appointment with a daycare provider before work. Thankfully I was able to make it . . . Continue Reading »

2 Amy’s Pizza Date

2 Amy's Pizza DC

Last night Neal and I continued to prepare for our baby's arrival by visiting another pediatrician's office and touring the labor and delivery ward of my OBGYN's hospital.  It's actually pretty funny . . . Continue Reading »