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Y'all seriously know how to make a girl feel encouraged!! Thank y'all so much for the warm wishes and congratulations!! Neal and I are really excited to be pregnant with a girl and are just letting it . . . Continue Reading »

A Bouncing Baby …

Gender Reveal

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect and emotional day! Bright and early, Neal and I headed to my OBGYN for our 20 week appointment and anatomy scan.  For months I've gone back and forth about what I . . . Continue Reading »

Week 20 Pregnancy Update

20 week pregnancy update

The Bump Gender - Neal thinks we're having a girl and I just don't know anymore... thankfully we find out this morning!!! Movement - I honestly have no idea.  Yesterday I felt a few . . . Continue Reading »

Weekend Recap

DC Divas

As much as I love the fall, there's nothing better than a beautiful spring weekend after a long winter. I kicked off the long weekend Friday morning with a fabulous workout at the gym. I did 30 . . . Continue Reading »

Gender Guess Giveaway

Boy or Girl

I am BEYOND excited to find out what we're having next week!  I know there's always a chance we won't be able to determine the gender at the anatomy scan, but I'm hoping the baby cooperates and . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Back to the Grind


I love going on vacation, even if it's a short one, but I also enjoy getting back to the grind.  Whether it's sleeping in my own bed, eating foods from home, or tackling my to do list, I usually enjoy . . . Continue Reading »

Week 19 Pregnancy Update

19 week pregnancy update

The Bump - Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy. We’ll see in ONE week! YAY!! Movement- Nothing lately! I thought I was feeling flutters a few weeks ago, . . . Continue Reading »

Niagara Falls Getaway

Niagara Falls

This weekend Neal and I drove to Niagara Falls, Ontario to meet up with some of his family for a mini getaway. Though Friday morning was a little crazy and it took us longer to get out of town, we . . . Continue Reading »

Smart Ones For Everyone


I don't know whether it was starting Coffee Cake and Cardio or just getting older, but I've learned over the years just how diverse each our diets can be. We each have different tastes and needs, but . . . Continue Reading »

Week 18 Pregnancy Update

Neal and Ashley

The Bump Gender- Neal thinks we’re having a girl while I think we’re having a boy. We’ll see in TWO weeks! Movement- I felt a few flutters at the beginning of the week, but nothing since.  . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 18 Eats


Last Monday I started living out my plan to get my pregnancy diet back on track.  When I say "diet", I don't mean weight loss plan, I'm just referring to my daily food intake.  My goal was to eat the . . . Continue Reading »

Creating Spring Goals

Summer Wildflowers

It has been quite a while since I created monthly or seasonal goals, but with the 20 week mark of my pregnancy around the corner I'm starting to feel the urge to get some things done. Creating . . . Continue Reading »

Week 17 Pregnancy Update

week 18 pregnancy

Week 17 The Bump- The bump is an interesting thing I've learned.  Some days it is super round and other days I just have a little pooch fairly low down.  I think it depends on what I've eaten and how . . . Continue Reading »