Week 23 Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy 23 Weeks

The Bump Gender - It's a girl! Movement - I'm thrilled to share that I'm starting to feel the baby move in my belly.  It's a really cool feeling and I'm extremely grateful. Maternity . . . Continue Reading »

Long Walks, Markets, and More

Olney Farmer's Market

This weekend was really just perfect.   Neal was in Iowa Wednesday through Sunday, so it was a great opportunity to get downtown, to spend time with girl friends, and to do some of my favorite spring . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 23 Eats

eats Ted's Bulletin DC

Sunday, May 4 (21 weeks, 6 days) Breakfast - Breakfast pizza (1 flatout wrap, 2 eggs scrambled with turkey sausage, and 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar cheese) Lunch - Butter lettuce, croutons, and . . . Continue Reading »

Nesting Round 1

Guest Room

Neal and I had an absolutely wonderful weekend last weekend!  Though we had a few plans on our calendar I made it my mission to get a few things done off my "pre-baby to do list".  It started off . . . Continue Reading »

Week 22 Pregnancy Update


The Bump Gender - We're having a girl! Movement - Nothing I can really put my finger on.  I think I felt a legit kick early one morning last week but I haven't felt anything since.  I really . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 22 Eats


Sunday, April 27 (20 weeks, 6 days) Coffee - Tall blonde roast with half and half Breakfast - 1 piece of homemade ham, onion, and cheese quiche Lunch - Butter lettuce, ken's honey mustard, and . . . Continue Reading »

May 2014 Goals

May 2014 Goals

I haven't created monthly goals in quite a while and though my goals this month won't focus on weight loss, I feel like setting goals would be helpful as I move into my 6th month of my pregnancy.  My . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Food Boredom


I've  dealt with food boredom before but my pregnancy has taken it to a new level. Some days I seriously have no idea what I'm hungry for but I know that if I wait to figure it out I'll start to feel . . . Continue Reading »

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy Week 21

The Bump Gender - It's a girl!  I still can't believe it, but it'll soak in I'm sure. Movement - None that I can feel.  I'm honestly a little sad that I haven't felt anything yet.  I know . . . Continue Reading »

Packing It In


This was a really great weekend! Though I didn't have much on the agenda, I somehow managed to pack a ton into the weekend. It all started Friday afternoon with a long drive out to Haymarket, VA to . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: April 2014


Y'all seriously know how to make a girl feel encouraged!! Thank y'all so much for the warm wishes and congratulations!! Neal and I are really excited to be pregnant with a girl and are just letting it . . . Continue Reading »

A Bouncing Baby …

Gender Reveal

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect and emotional day! Bright and early, Neal and I headed to my OBGYN for our 20 week appointment and anatomy scan.  For months I've gone back and forth about what I . . . Continue Reading »