An Active Weekend


I feel like I can' t say it enough,but thank y 'all so much for the kind words about our pregnancy. We' re incredibly excited to be expecting and I look forward to sharing things with y 'all along the . . . Continue Reading »

365 Days of Fit: Week 13


So I have a funny feeling people are going to wonder what I' m going to do about the 365 Day Fit Challenge.  When I started it,we weren 't planning on getting pregnant, so I wasn' t keeping pregnancy in . . . Continue Reading »

We’re Pregnant!


Neal and I are thrilled to be expecting our first child in early September!   I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and am absolutely overjoyed! How did I find out? When Neal and I returned from . . . Continue Reading »

New Beginnings

Coffee Cake and Cardio

Today is an incredibly exciting day as it marks the start of a new chapter and new beginnings here on Coffee Cake and Cardio!  These past few months I've been cooking up a few things and am thrilled . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: February 2014


I try really hard not to wish away time, but I'm really ready for February to be over.  While I'm grateful for the experiences that February has brought, working long hours and moving to a new home . . . Continue Reading »

Best of the Weekend

Bayou Bakery

I'll be honest, I am emotionally and physically exhausted from our move this past weekend.  Though I loved having a super long weekend thanks to two snow days on Thursday and Friday, it was a little . . . Continue Reading »

365 Days of Fit: Week 12


The beginning of last week was pretty routine! I started off the week with a 60 minute spin class and then got great workouts in both at work and at home.  By Friday, we had dove into moving, packing . . . Continue Reading »

Reebok ZQuick

ZQuick Reebok

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. The winter storm that plowed through the DC area this past week almost made me forget that spring is just around the corner. . . . Continue Reading »

Catching Up


Today's snow day is truly a blessing! There's just something magical about a snow day, mainly because it gives me an extra day to get things done around the house and to work on projects I've had to . . . Continue Reading »

365 Days of Fit: Week 11


This week I was active everyday, but it was probably the least physical I've been in the past 11 weeks.  I was very limited in time and energy, so I tried to make the most of the time I had.  I did . . . Continue Reading »

5 Day Recap


Broken record Ashley here to recap the craziness of the past five days! My goal this weekend is to get ahead around the house, to plan out some great eats for the week ahead, and to crank out a few . . . Continue Reading »

Too Skinny?

Rachel Biggest Loser

After an extremely long day, I decided to go to bed early last night instead of watching The Biggest Loser finale. When I woke up, I was eager to see the results but was honestly shocked to see just . . . Continue Reading »

Finding Savings at Target


I have always loved shopping at Target, but I can't deny how difficult it is to stay on budget when I'm there. The first thing I walk by when I enter Target is the greeting card section, which . . . Continue Reading »

Best of the Weekend

Breakfast Pizza

Based on today's nasty weather, you'd never guess how amazing it was here in DC this past weekend! With temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, it was a much needed reminder that spring is just around . . . Continue Reading »

365 Days of Fit: Week 10


I feel like a broken record, but last week was nuts!  I was go, go, go and definitely did a horrible job of recording my workouts on Instagram.  Still, I got all of my workouts in and really enjoyed . . . Continue Reading »