Memorial Day Weekend Recap 1


Neal and I had grand plans of traveling this weekend, but sometimes you just have to roll with what life throws at you. We've been dealing with some basement flooding in our rental, so this weekend we . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 25 Eats


Here are some of the meals I enjoyed this past week... I forgot to track everyday, so this is just an overview. Breakfasts: Hot oatmeal, eggs and veggies, or eggs and a bagel thin Lunches:  . . . Continue Reading »

Learning From My Husband

Neal and Ashley

I've learned a lot from my husband's diet and habits over the years.  While I wouldn't emulate his diet to a T, Neal has some incredibly healthy eating habits!  Neal is so great about only eating when . . . Continue Reading »

Our Meals Together

Neal and Ashley

Today's post is sponsored on behalf of Tyson Foods. All opinions stated are my own! It wasn't until I left home for college that I realized how special meal times with my family were for me while . . . Continue Reading »

Week 24 Pregnancy Update

24 week Pregnancy Update

The Bump - 15 weeks vs 24 weeks Gender - It's a girl! Movement - Last week I started feeling the baby almost daily.  She moves the most after dinner, from about 6PM-8PM.  Just this weekend I . . . Continue Reading »

Currently: May 2014


Currently: Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!  I like chocolate chip cookies, chewy of course, but I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough.  It is probably one of my favorite "naughty" foods.  . . . Continue Reading »

Week 23 Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy 23 Weeks

The Bump Gender - It's a girl! Movement - I'm thrilled to share that I'm starting to feel the baby move in my belly.  It's a really cool feeling and I'm extremely grateful. Maternity . . . Continue Reading »

Long Walks, Markets, and More

Olney Farmer's Market

This weekend was really just perfect.   Neal was in Iowa Wednesday through Sunday, so it was a great opportunity to get downtown, to spend time with girl friends, and to do some of my favorite spring . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 23 Eats

eats Ted's Bulletin DC

Sunday, May 4 (21 weeks, 6 days) Breakfast - Breakfast pizza (1 flatout wrap, 2 eggs scrambled with turkey sausage, and 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar cheese) Lunch - Butter lettuce, croutons, and . . . Continue Reading »

Nesting Round 1

Guest Room

Neal and I had an absolutely wonderful weekend last weekend!  Though we had a few plans on our calendar I made it my mission to get a few things done off my "pre-baby to do list".  It started off . . . Continue Reading »

Week 22 Pregnancy Update


The Bump Gender - We're having a girl! Movement - Nothing I can really put my finger on.  I think I felt a legit kick early one morning last week but I haven't felt anything since.  I really . . . Continue Reading »

Pregnancy Week 22 Eats


Sunday, April 27 (20 weeks, 6 days) Coffee - Tall blonde roast with half and half Breakfast - 1 piece of homemade ham, onion, and cheese quiche Lunch - Butter lettuce, ken's honey mustard, and . . . Continue Reading »