100 Days To Summer

100 Days to Summer Challenge

It's hard to believe, but Friday marks 100 days until summer! This winter was a nasty little bugger, but at the same time, I'm grateful for the time it gave me to focus on adjusting to my new life . . . Continue Reading »

March 2015 Goals


I am so excited it's March!  I honestly didn't even realized yesterday was the first day of March, so when I saw the date on my iPhone I was pumped.  February was a really hectic month and one I'm . . . Continue Reading »

January 2015 Goals

San Antonio Sunset

Who doesn't love a fresh start?  Well today's your chance to think about the month ahead and to create a plan for the next 31 days. In December I... Realized how hard it is to be a (working) . . . Continue Reading »

August 2014 Goals

James Taylor Concert

I am so overjoyed that it's August! A few months ago I made it my goal to have a gazillion things done by August 1 and I'm honestly really happy with all we've accomplished. I still have some things . . . Continue Reading »

July 2014 Goals

ice cream

It's hard to believe that these will most likely be my second to last set of goals before our daughter arrives!  While I've loved focusing on other things these past 7 months, I've got to admit that . . . Continue Reading »

June 2014 Goals

Nationals Baseball

I started creating monthly goals again last month and am really proud of all I accomplished!  My goals are centered on 4 things: health, fitness, planning for baby, and self care. In May I . . . Continue Reading »

Daily Resolutions


It's hard to believe that 2014 is right around the corner! I'm excited about 2014 for so many reasons, but I think the start of the New Year makes turning 30 in October a reality! I am by no . . . Continue Reading »

Start Planning For 2014

give thanks banner

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!  I hope that each of you have an amazing day, finding joy in the world around you! At some point today, you are going to realize that 2014 is just around . . . Continue Reading »

What Are My Real Goals?


A few months ago when I walked into Rebecca Scritchfield's office, the first thing she asked me was what my goals were.  I hesitated, thought about it for a second, and then went on to explain my goal . . . Continue Reading »

March 2013 Goals

March 2013 Goals

I'm really excited to be starting a new month and to be moving into March. Spring is right around the corner and for the first time in a long time I'm feeling in control of my diet and . . . Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

I love goal setting... not going to lie!  I am very futuristic, so it's easy for me to daydream, to set goals for the future, and to create a plan to reach those goals. I've always enjoyed sharing . . . Continue Reading »

February 2013 Goals

February 2013 Goals

Last night while on Facebook I came across a photo of a person I knew back in college.  I was rather taken aback when I first saw the photo because the person looked so different from when I last saw . . . Continue Reading »

How to Keep Your Resolutions

How to Keep Your Resolutions

Creating new years resolutions can be an incredibly exciting and scary thing all at the same time.  You may have something on your list that you've always wanted to tackle and want this to be the . . . Continue Reading »

November 2012 Goals

november 2012 goals

In October I... Tried out for the DC Divas full contact football team Revisted my 28 by 28 goals Wined and dined in Virginia Created my 29 by 29 goals Ran the Runner's World 10K . . . Continue Reading »

August 2012 Goals


A brand new month never felt so good! I'm incredibly excited to share my August 2012 goals with y'all today!  July was such a whirlwind and although I didn't post any goals for last month, I did have . . . Continue Reading »

June 2012 Monthly Goals

San antonio Bridal Shower

May was a fabulous month!!  I'm not surprised by how quickly it went by as it was filled with many joyous events. In May I... - Graduated from Kansas State University with a MS in Academic . . . Continue Reading »

December 2011 Goals


I'm not going to lie, November was a tad crazy and totally flew by!  Lots of graduate work, lots of wedding planning, lots of travel, but still, lots of fun! In November I... Join LA Boxing . . . Continue Reading »

28 before 28

I love setting goals and creating to-do lists, so I thought creating a list of things I want to do or plan to do before turning 28 next year would be a good idea!  As I shared the other day, this is . . . Continue Reading »