Whirlwind in Nebraska

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Neal and I are back in Iowa this weekend for his cousin's wedding and saw it as the perfect opportunity to travel to Nebraska to see family and a few friends.  I hit the road bright and early yesterday morning, that way I could stop in Omaha on my way to Lincoln. Of course I had to stop at Smokey Row in Des Moines on my way to Ohama. I mean, how could I not? Their coffee is just . . . Continue Reading »



As I've shared, I've been pretty stressed and overwhelmed lately, so the downtime we had in Iowa this past weekend was great. Although the first few days were busy, things started to settle down once the weekend hit. Saturday afternoon Neal and I headed back to Iowa City for the Hawkeye's opening game against Northern Illinois. We got some amazing tickets on game day, just 10 rows behind . . . Continue Reading »

Iowa Adventures


This weekend Neal and I ventured out to Iowa to visit his parents, to attend Fry Fest, to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes in their opening game, and to relax! Bright and early Friday morning Neal and I drove to Iowa City for Fry Fest. My rock star of a husband, who has written three books on the Hawkeyes so far, was there to sell, autograph, and talk about his books.  I am so proud of all . . . Continue Reading »

An Impulse Trip to Charlottesville

Neal and Ashley

When Neal and I found out last weekend that Iowa would be playing UVA in the NIT Tournament, I just knew we'd have to make the drive down to Charlottesville to see the Hawkeyes play. Wednesday afternoon Neal and I both left work early and headed down to UVA.  Charlottesville is about 2.5 hours from DC, so it's a doable day trip!  The weather was perfect and because we left at 2PM, we missed . . . Continue Reading »

Neal’s Stomping Grounds

Wheel Sculpture Iowa

Yesterday afternoon, Neal took me on a tour of his hometown of Lynnville, Iowa. Neal literally grew up on a farm in an old school house that his dad renovated. The land around the house was so beautiful and I loved seeing how drastically different it was from DC.  As we toured the land, Neal showed where he played as a kid and the roads he ran on during cross country season. He then . . . Continue Reading »

Post Wedding Celebration

Party Finger Foods

I wish I could start off my saying, "I have done so amazing with my diet and my pre-christmas goals while here in Iowa this week" but man has this trip been tough. I think what has made it so tough is not knowing what and when we're going to eat and then not having healthy options. My eating so far has looked like this... Thursday -Steel cut oatmeal at Potbelly's in the airport -Mashed . . . Continue Reading »

Black Friday Football

Iowa vs Nebraska Game

This was my first year since I was 12 years old that I didn't go Black Friday shopping at 4AM. It was a little weird and definitely reaffirmed my love for the crazy morning of shopping, drinking coffee, eating breakfast with my friends/family, and then napping my early afternoon away. Yesterday morning, Neal and I hit the road early for Iowa City, Iowa to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play the . . . Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving in Iowa

Main Street Grinnell Iowa

Yesterday morning, Neal and I woke up bright and early for our flight to Iowa. After much thought, we decided to bring Theodore with us, as it's probably our only chance to travel with him since he's still so small. When we arrived at Regan airport, I grabbed some breakfast for Neal and I at Potbelly's.  I was honestly thrilled when I saw that they had Steel Cut Oats as an option, so that's . . . Continue Reading »

Football, Beer, and Shaving

It is a beautiful day here in Washington, DC.  The sun is shinning and there is no rain in sight! Last night I watched the September 11 Dateline special 'America Remembers' and let me tell you, I was a hot mess.  Although it is hard to watch, it's important to remember where we all were 10 years ago and to think about all of the people affected by this tragedy.  I had planned to go to bed ea . . . Continue Reading »

A Rainy Gameday


Saturday Recap After rolling out of bed this morning at 8AM, I joined Neal and his parents for breakfast at a new restaurant in town.   I had ever intention of going for a run this morning, but when my alarm went off at 6:30AM I had a terrible headache.  I'm sure the run would have done me good, but I took some advil and slept a little longer. The restaurant we went to had just about largest b . . . Continue Reading »